Friday, December 23, 2005

Day At The Doctors

I want to share my doctors experience with everyone. I went in to see the surgeon yesterday, our second meeting, and I even have some pictures to share. But first I would like to express the appreciation I have for a doctor with a sense of humor. It makes the visit and interaction so much easier. Hmm except maybe with a Proctologist. That may not be the place for wise cracks but mine is a hand surgeon so all is well. Oh and you know you are getting older when doctors aren't. I always remember doctors as being old and wise. It's kinda scary when they seem around my age! LOL.

The visit itself did not reveal any good news. Nothing can be done about the pain in my hand which we decided must be a nerve thing. It will hopefully be resolved with surgery but I still don't know when that may be.

The first thing we did was take some "quicky X-rays" as he called them. We walked to a room down the hall which had a chair and an odd looking machine. This machine takes some pictures, not as clear as an actual x-ray but we were hoping to get an idea of the problem. Both of us sporting a lovely 20 pound lead apron, we snapped a few shots, I, laughing at how ridiculous my hand really looks when I attempt to lay it flat. These are the shots:

The plate was from my wrist fusion and that little swirl of wire was from a thumb fusion.

The doc was surprised and amazed with this large plate that has to come out. He couldn't understand how it doesn't inflict pain as it appears to be grinding into the bone of the middle finger. Maybe this is causing the nerve pain? Plus the screws look so long, like if you squeezed my hand you would feel them. So back in the room he started feeling around that middle joint, not sure if it is dislocated or it snapped (all 4 knuckles are artificial) he kept making movements and then asking "does this hurt?" Nothing hurt, he would press, and ask and pull, and ask, still nothing hurt. He leaned back in his chair with a puzzled look on his face and then stated, "I just don't get how that plate doesn't hurt you? I was JAMMING that middle bone into it and watching your face, you didn't even flinch." LOL. That cracked me up. Nice to know he was TRYING to inflict pain. So anyway, it was decided that I needed to go have proper x-rays taken at the old hospital down the street, so he would have a better idea of the joint condition. He asked if I knew how to get there.

"Yes" I said.
"Ok, it's about a mile down the road.."
"Yes, I know where it is."
"It's not far, it's the old hospital, they do the x-rays there."
"Pretty sure I can find it." said with sarcasm.
"Just go out to homestead, make a...
" I. Know. Where. It. Is!"
"Oh, ok then." he said with a stupid look and then we both laughed.

He then walked me down the hall, hoping to catch a therapist who could whip me up a splint in hopes to stop this pain, but she wasn't there. Instead he proceeded to walk me out the office door which lead to a main hallway.

"There are some stairs here," Pointing to the right "or if you go that way, there are elevators that will take you down."

Not quite understanding if he was giving me directions to find the regular physio offices I asked, "take me down where?" At the same time we both said "to parking?"

Well he must have realized what he was implying and saw that look on my face as I was about to make a wise ass remark on how I would be capable enough to find my way out, I did in fact find my way in, but he was too quick and responded "And would you like me to write up directions to the old hospital?" LMAO!!

Aaaahhh good times.

So now I am waiting on a surgery date. Hopefully soon.

Ok, I really want to get some cleaning done so I won't be feeling guilty over the weekend. I am excited cuz Lori, who works t CI is up from LA visiting family over Christmas and we are doing lunch tomorrow. :)

Have a great Friday everyone!

EDITED: Forgot to add that I received a Pajama Gram from Susanne yesterday! How cool is that! Teehee! Thanks again girl, I love 'em!


cari said...

Merry Christmas Danea and Jeff!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!
missing you lots.
I have a week off, tempted to hop on a plane. Little short of funds though (sorry!)