Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Day Late And A Dollar Short...

Ok, make that two days late if we're talking a valentine. This was a "Love" challenge using new themed stamps by TT. Eileen asked if I was on crack when I told her I wanted to try scrappin' with this contraption on my hand but I managed alright. Even got over ambitious as each heart is stamped on metal, cut out and the edges are folded over with pliers...LOL. Oh and the title was heat embossed and then I cut it out by hand cuz I didn't like how it looked on a chunk of paper. It's not my usual structured page but I like how it turned out. :)

Click to enlarge.

The journaling is hidden and reads:

One tea bag waiting in a cup.

One kettle filled with water.

One wrapped Quaker Oatmeal Bar.

One ceramic elephant creamer filled with cream.

One amazing and thoughtful husband.

The night before having hand surgery on my left hand, I wrote a list of things for Jeff to help me with before he went to work each morning. Knowing I would have to keep that hand elevated, there were things I knew I would not be able to do with only one hand. This list included helping me prep my breakfast so I would have little to struggle with. Every morning I awoke to the same scene, my tea and oatmeal bar neatly waiting for me. About a week after surgery I admitted to him that I was now able to manage these tasks on my own, but to my surprise (and pleasure) I still awake each morning to this same sweet scene. It puts a smile on my face to think that this man takes the time at 4am each morning to set aside these items for me.

When Susanne, whom had yet to meet my husband, came to visit the week after my surgery, she admitted that when I told her about all the thoughtful and caring things that Jeff does to help me out in my times of need, she got worried. She was afraid that he would tire of having to do so much for me, knowing that it would always be a factor in our marriage. But that all changed when she saw us together. “the way you guys are together, always touching, the way he pats your bum when he walks past you, I’m not worried any more.”

Love is, the little things.

Feb 2006

Aaaaaaaaah. I know, I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. Well, except for this Arthritis crap. ;)


cari said...

I think I'M in love with Jeff...

Zee said...


Good thing your 2000 miles away... Hehehe.

mom said...

You are the luckiest girl in the world and this may sound nuts but the arthritis made you who you are . I knew God gave you that test for a reason and Jeff was the answer. He is your true prince charming . If ever I saw true love it is in both your eyes when you look at each other. You are so amazing and talented and beautiful and funny, he could never fall out of love with you. You are my hero! love mom xoxoxo

Missy said...

OK, I am not one to be so sappy in public but that is really a touching gesture. You two certainly have a special relationship.

OK, now I am going to ooggle over that layout. OMG that is so YUMMY.