Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Getting "Back" To It

I did my first TT assignment for summer CHA today. I like the page but worry they may not be happy with the soft title. I think it looks good but they may want something more bold? We'll see.

I have my second chiropractors appointment tomorrow. I went Monday for my first time in 3 years. Here's the story...back home I needed to go on a semi regular basis, it would have been more often but my coverage had limited visits. I know when my back and neck goes out, but since I moved to the US, not knowing the system and the thought of finding a new doctor, kept me from finding relief from frequent neck, back and shoulder pains. Most were just muscle aches and I went for massages last year in hopes of finding relief. I go for long periods without problems but the neck and back pains I have been dealing with these past couple weeks reached a peak of unbearable pain, tears and Jeff sitting over me Sunday night trying his best to work his own massage magic to relieve my pain. Alas, it was time. I could no longer handle the mid and lower pain combination I had been inflicted with. So with my computer I went to the Kaiser site and called the first doctor on the list. Very strategic I know, but he seemed very nice and funny so I figured he would work for me. You see I have a fear of chiropractors, except of course my doctor back home who was the first one I had seen who was very gentle, took time to massage and loosen the muscles before and after the adjustment and he just plain made me feel comfortable. I had a couple of "I'll never go back there again" experiences.

This doctor is a very nice and kind man of middle eastern decent, and thankfully speaks fantastic English with just a hint of an accent so we communicated just fine. I was able to clearly express my fears and he clearly expressed that I needn't have any worries...hehe. If you live in or have visited California you will know how much of a melting pot it is, and English is not always and seeming less frequently the first language spoken..hehe. He did a quick feel of my neck and spine, told me how he does his treatments, what to expect and then pulled over his spine skeleton and showed me my problem areas.

The verdict: Two pinched nerves in my neck, fused vertebrae through my mid back. He said they have no give what so ever, but feels he can change that. Lastly, my left leg is "jammed", yes that is his terminology, up into my hip bone, thus giving the appearance that my left leg is about an inch shorter than my right. Again, treatable.

Apparently I really shouldn't have waited three years.

It's never ending, I swear...LOL. But relief is just around the corner... two chocolate martinis! LOL..Oh and more doctor visits. ;)


christina said...

ohh man danea that sucks, but at least you found a good chiropractor. i don't like chiropractors messing with me neck. it just plain freaks me out. i can somewhat understand the pain you are feeling. i have always had neck pains with pinched nerves etc. my stupid fingers go numb. i just went in to a reg doc and he did steroid injections and boy do i feel better LOL. i hope you find some relief. Hang in there.

Devon said...

Glad to hear that you got into a dr. I hope that he makes you feel better.

cheryl mezzetti said...

Hey Danea
Love massages and much so that i work for one part-time - oh the perks!

So happy you are being seen and your layout is beautiful - that i am sure of!