Friday, July 14, 2006

Life Beyond Creating?

I just had another creative idea, something I want to work on today, something just for me but I have this annoying thing called "House Work" that's begging for attention. Apparently bathrooms don't scrub themselves, nor do husbands. Scrub the bathroom that is, he scrubs himself just fine, well, I'm assuming, as he always smells fresh and clean. I also discovered that no matter how long I wait, mops don't magically pull themselves out of the closest and dance across the floor. Nope, I have to be dancing along with it if I want the floors to sparkle and shine. Harrumph! I don't wanna!

I don't wanna!
I don't wanna!
I don't wanna!

Ooooooooook fine, tantrum over. It's not like I could jump right into creating anyway because of this:

This is my work space. This is what happens when I create. Well mostly, there are a few after math items thrown on top of the desk but in general, and my husband can attest to this, I am a messy scrapper. Now I do have another work space behind this one. I didn't take a picture as it is spune with CI mock papers that we have not been given the ok to show yet and in my defiance to clean, I was not inclined to do so for a picture...Ha Ha!

I guess my point is, I just want to play, but I have too much to do first. This whole being a responsible, mature, adult isn't all it's cracked up to be. Good thing we haven't thrown kids in the mix! Hmmmmmm kiiiiiids. *Said while rubbing my chin in thought* Kids would = more tiny little hands to scrub and clean. That would give me more free time to play. Jeff and I need to have a talk tonight but since I don't have that option "yet", I'm giving myself a goal and I'm going to see if I can get the majority of housework done before noon so after lunch I can be free to let the creative juices flow.

Later this afternoon I meet with my hand surgeon about the possibility of going ahead with my wrist fusion and joint replacements asap. There's really no good time so I would like to just get it over with, plus I can do it all at once so that makes me happy. I have a feeling he may be booked this summer but I'm crossing my fingers, not an easy task if you could see the fingers I have to work with!

Off to get my butt in gear if I'm going to make my goal.

Happy creating everyone!

**ETA- In light of a couple of comments, I want to make it clear that I would never have children for the sole purpose of doing housework. That would be ridiculous! There's a lot of yard work and errands to be run that will keep them busy also.


Mom to 2 Boys said...

Don't count on little fingers to help clean & scrub without nagging & complaining.

Zee said...

LOL...My parents made us clean, I remember pulling a chair to the sink to wash dishes before I was tall enough...I also remember pouting about it...LOL.

Adrienne said...

Looks like you love those TT tiles! LOL

Genevieve said...

It always seems like the days I'm ready to get in there and play are the days when the house really needs cleaning. In a few years, my son will be able to help. When I was little, I thought the only reason my parents had me was so they wouldn't have to do dishes.

Miss M! said...

"Kids would = more tiny little hands to scrub and clean."

No, kids would = more tiny little hands to make messes for YOU to scrub and clean! Plus, then you'd have to clean those little hands too!

jill s said...

ok. you have a pretty mess there. that's what my table always ends up looking like too! :)

erin yamabe said...

you are so funny! i'm very happy to know i'm not alone as a *messy scrapper*, as i'm spending my typical friday *crop* time organizing, purging and cleaning instead. good luck to you!

Val said...

Looks like my space after a productive afternoon. However, I think I pay more attention to keeping my studio clean, versus the rest of the house (which manages to stay generally tidy). If my space is messy, all creativity just flies out the window!

christina said...

you are soooo funny danea. i love reading your blog LOL.