Saturday, February 10, 2007


I discovered my first pregnancy bonus. The hair on my legs grows back less and less each time I shave. If you know the horrid man hair that I have been plagued with since having casts on both legs as a teen, then you will understand how fantastic this is. I have shaved three times since getting PG, don't judge me it's winter, and now I have hardly any hairs growing. Just one here, two there..I LOVE it!! I sure hope this lasts through the summer!

With that said, what the heck is up with blogger and photobucket? Can't they just get along? I am so annoyed with my header not being there...grrrrr!

Off to package up some very long overdue parcels that need to be mailed today.


Michelle said...

That is definitely something to be excited about! I'm so jealous! Mine grew faster and darker....and in places it previously hadn't....