Thursday, January 03, 2008

Our Creepy Ass Baby

Not remembering what all I have shared about Asa's developments and being too lazy to go look, I will state that he is a very vocal child and has been since birth. Even in the hospital room he mumbled and made noises and I talked back as though he was telling me a story...hehe. When he was about two months old he started making "word" sounds, even putting together syllables to the point were it would catch our attention and we would laugh at how closely it sounded like an actual sentence, but in a foreign language. He has also never been much of a crier. Usually only crying if you have taken waaaaay to long to get his bottle after he has clearly spoken his needs. HA! "Nah" was his word for hunger but it has recently changes to Mmmmmm, muuummmmm, mmmm, with a few short "nahs", when he doesn't think we've heard him. He also tends to "talk" and hum just before falling asleep. He is usually awake when I put him to bed/naps, so he'll grumble for a moment or two and then verbally amuse himself until he finally falls asleep, usually less than 5 minutes later. He wakes up the same way, mumbling, humming and using his words.

Thankfully Asa has been sleeping though the night for a while now, if we put him down around 10pm, he wakes between 7-9am. Yay, for Asa! But for some reason yesterday morning he woke up just before 5am. We speculate that it may have been because Jeff was up an hour later than usual and maybe Asa was awoke by the lights and such. Whatever the reason it was a very strange experience and as I don't have a mic on my new comp, I can only try and describe the creepy noises that came across the monitor.

Jeff had kissed me goodbye and I had fallen back asleep only to be awoke by a faint soft grumble. I listen closely to hear my son ooooooooooooing in a soft, raspy voice almost like a sound that you would think a ghoul would make. This was followed by similar raspy, Mmmmmmm mmmmm and bbbuuuummmmmmmlllll and mmmmmaaaabbbbmmmm etc... all in this soft, and I will add, quite freaking sounding voice. He may as well have been moaning "hhhhheeeelllppp meeeee" or "I'mmmmm dyyyyyyiiiinnnngggg"! It would stop for a bit and then start again. My first thought was that he is just stirring and will go back to sleep, as it is common for him to be vocal, but when it started again for the 4 time, the creepiness got the best of me and I figured I should be a good mom and go check and see what might be torturing my child.

This is when I discovered that Jeff was still home and as I entered the nursery I discovered the he too had been creeped out by the sounds and was lifting Asa out of the crib and asking him what was wrong. We were both a bit concerned and shall I say disturbed by what we heard, but he seemed just fine, no missing limbs or visible blood. So Daddy changed his diaper while I went and got a bottle ready. He still made the noises occasionally while Jeff changed and talked to him, but all was fine as I fed him and Daddy kissed us both goodbye. A few moments later Jeff came back to the nursery , kissed Asa again, proceeded to open and close the closet door, which cued me to jokingly ask if he was looking for the boogyman, he snickered, kissed us both again for the third time and left for work. What he hadn't shared with me until our lunch time conversation, thank God, was that while changing Asa he seemed fine but he kept looking past dad, towards the closet and each time he did, he would start making these creepy ass noises again, so Jeff would try and distract him again, but he just kept staring in the direction of the closet, hence the return to take a peek inside...haha. The closet is infact only two feet away from were I sat and fed him, alone, after Daddy left. Needless to say I took Asa back to bed with me for the rest of the morning and he slept fine.

Strangely he did the same thing this morning and I kid you not when I tell you in amongst the freaky noises he said "mmmmuuummmmmmmmmmMmmmy" In that same spooky voice. This time Jeff let him be and I waited patiently, and in the safety of my own warm and cozy bed to see if he would fall back asleep on his own, which he did. Yay for Asa! Boo for the creepy ass noises but Yay for being a good sleeper!

I'm guessing he is just experimenting with his sounds and he may even have a slightly sore or dry throat at night as we are both getting over a lingering cold. I'm not really scared about my child's "The Grudge" like vocals, but as Jeff has said, if he starts crawling in a freaky, jerky, bendy way, then we're both out of here.

So on another note, I have a few videos to share but will start with the latest, this was Asa New Years Day. (after all the spooky morning commotion. You will note his eyes don't glow or anything so I think all is fine.)


Devon said...

What a cutie!! Go Asa with that turtle! That is so good for his age! No comforting words on your son's freaky noises, just remind never to spend the night in his room!!

Miss M! said...

You're a nerd. I'm sitting here cracking up and the dogs are looking at me funny. Looooved your video credits, hee hee!

Anonymous said...

was it like the time Buddy sat staring at the house??? He wouldnt come in and you said it creeped you out!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Danea I am laughing so hard! Your little guy is adorable and your story is great - definitely do a page...your journaling is already done!

Susanne P. said...

what a clever lil' man. that's the cutest little toy. he's got that turtle mastered. Go Asa!

you can come stay with us if your house turns "Grudge" like. LOL CJ would love it!