Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's time.

It's time to update!

Ya, been a few weeks. Busy weeks too. The good news is baby is still inside and growing. At least that's technical good news, cuz he's causing me big time grief. The contractions have only been coming in handfuls, nothing to worry about. Yay! But the back pains and pubic symphosis have become unbearable. I even had to call Jeff home from work earlier this week because my body suddenly decided it no longer wanted to allow me to walk. Thankfully it changed it's mind the next day. To sum it all up, lots of pain and lots on my plate! The even better news is that they, the doctors, have decided(ok, maybe more like agreed upon my request) to take kiddo out early. This Monday, April 13th early! That's right, only two more sleeps! Now if only you knew how big my to do list is in order to actually be ready for this kid to come home! Ugh.

Still no name, suggestions but nothing confirmed. Then to add to my no name concerns, the last two nights I have dreamt he is a she. They saw a peepee twice, it's all good right?! ;)

It's time to say thanks.

Just when things were looking pretty gloomy, Jeff's hours being cut, money becoming more than tight, my bum camera purchase, etc. Jeff's Great Aunt Billy passed and left us a wonderful and generous gift. It was a blessing that has enabled us to loosen the purse strings a bit, especially during the next few months. It also gave us the opportunity for me to invest in a whole new camera system. Yup, I researched and chose the Nikon D300 with the Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 Di-II LD. I was thrilled and terrified, but in the end, THRILLED! So once things really settle, hopefully by August and I am not a walking zombie, I can finally start to put focus on a photography career. Yippee! Thanks again Aunt Bill, bless your soul.

It's time to share pictures.

Newborn photo shoot pictures! Ok, so when I did these two weeks ago I never imagined how much I would pay for it physically. It wasn't a strenuous shoot and I just figured I'm in pain no matter what, so why not preoccupy myself with a cute little peanut to take pictures of? Truthfully though, it was totally worth it and I had been anxiously awaiting her arrival in hopes to be able to do so. (Posted the maternity shoot last month or so) She was a little doll, even though I wasn't able to get her to pose for those coveted chin on arms shots. Hehe. Even so, I am thrilled with the results of my first shoot. But I also want to mention my new camera was only 5 days old and the night before I had figured out the last factor in shooting manual, so I only took it as a backup. Needless to say I took one test shot with it and was hooked. Shot the whole shoot with that puppy and was beyond happy with the results! Here are a few of my favorites:

Thanks you Sean and Charlotte for such a wonderful opportunity!

It's time to talk Birthday.

My birthday was nice and quiet. Jeff, Asa, Julie and I went out for dinner. Then on Saturday, Julie, Alecia and I went for lunch and manicures/pedicures. Well actually Alecia just came for lunch but it was great just to get out sans kids! I decided to spend the birthday money from my mom on some acrylic nails but was totally swindled by the broken English speaking woman. I asked for natural looking acrylic -no polish, just clear, and she gave me the most expensive gel. Not to mention they are the farthest thing from natural looking in color, very pink. But I am so not up on manicure lingo and thought maybe I asked wrong even though the 4-5 times in my life that I have had nails put on, I have always asked using that wording and this is the first time this has happened. I paid almost double AND gave her a tip. &*^$@#!!! Sometimes I hate myself when I get flustered and don't say anything. Thankfully, this doesn't happen often, - not standing up for myself because I'm unsure of the circumstances, but it's still aggravating!

Now before heading off to lunch with the girls, I finally remembered to take a side shot. 36.5 weeks and huge! I will try and get one today wearing the same shirt as my 37 week shot with Asa. I can't fit many shirts from my first pregnancy, they all fit like half tops, it's hilarious and insane! I started 14lbs heavier this time but am only 10 lbs heavier then I was when I had Asa, so I haven't gained quite as much, maybe only 14-15lbs this time. But ya wouldn't know by looking at me! LOL.

It's Grandma Time.

Yup my MIL is in town, arrived Wednesday night. She has been such a help already, dove right in doing laundry and dishes, making lunches, cooking dinner, helping me organize and all with Asa following her around like a lil' puppy dog...hehe. So if I haven't said it enough, thanks mom, it really means a lot to have your help!

It's time to say "Really?"

Really? I still get an average of 2-3 hits a day from the smackblog. LOL. That cracks me up!


Rebecca said...

LOVE that you're still getting hits from shots ROCK i wish you were up here to take pics of Tanya and Clints little bean....and really you look great in your side shot....

Susanne P. said...

O--M--G!!!! your belly is huge! i'm sure it is a normal preggo belly but i have never seen you this pregnant before that i can remember and since it seems like i was just there and you were barely showing.

and the pictures?? just lovely! if i was having a baby, and after seeing those pictures i kind of wish i was, i would love having them.

and to jeff's mommy.....thanks for helping my bestest pregnant friend!

Miss M! said...

You're a dork. Love the belly shot!

Renee' Dezember said...

hey there!!! I can't wait to see baby #2 - woo hoo only a day and 1.5 to go!!!

Your newborn baby photos are AMAZING :)

Outnumbered said...

no way! i'm so excited to hear about the new addition to the family!