Friday, January 22, 2010


So I had a moment... the last 5 months have had very few were I could come to this blog. I have been crazy busy getting my business up and running. Ordering samples, custom packaging, new blog, updating the website and creating my welcoming materials- all which take hours of planning, designing and ordering. Then of course working with clients on shoots, editing and ordering. Not to mention the grief of figuring out how to price, which I finally invested in Easy As Pie and it was worth every penny! Of course all this needs to be done while having a baby and a 2 yr old underfoot. Not an easy task but I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Jeff thought I should wait a year but I, being impatiently stubborn, am way to excited to have a future career to wait.

If you have followed my blog at all you may know about the day I was "smacked" publicly for wanting to start a photography business. Thankfully that pathetic blog has been shut down. I do however hold a curiosity as to who "mediagirl" is, why she had something against me and wish she'd have the balls to step forward. But that's neither here nor there, at this point I would simply like to say "Ha!"

My most exciting news has come with my first client inquiries of the new year. I was so nervous saying my prices out loud as they seem so high. But after crunching the numbers there is no other way for me to provide such detailed services with quality products to my clients without charging what I do. I don't know how other photographers can get by with charging so little and make any money. My guess is, they don't- make any money that is, they probably break even. But I digress, the good news is, these clients didn't run for the hills, they booked me! They saw my work and my products and they booked! I can't tell you how stinking exciting that is after so many months of hard work.

So why the "Regrets?" Well it meant sacrificing this blog and most of all, not keeping track of Odin's progression over the last 5 months, heck maybe even longer. Instead I posted a few Fb status updates on the silly things the boys have done, but unlike here, I can't really go back and reread those. Sigh.

I am hoping I can get back to doing some of this blog. As things will be settling here and I will soon have more free time as my to do list keeps getting smaller. As for the boys:

Asa is potty training and doing really well! He wears undies during the day and only has a few slip ups here and there. His vocabulary ha grown leaps and bounds and we are starting to work on his pronunciation of l, s,r, t and f.

Odin is such a happy baby. He's gotten so much better at self entertaining and my initial thought that he would be a handful and into everything seems to be off base. He's completely mobile and does everything but walk without holding something. He loves to follow Asa but if he is awake while Asa naps he will play by himself for a very long time before seeking me out. I can leave the room while he is alone or with Asa with little worry. He explores but not in a destructive way. He doesn't seem to hold any attachment to certain objects but does fancy hotwheels, just like Asa. He is also sleeping through the night, this took a week or so of fussing but they go to bed around 8pm and are up at 8am. YESSSS!

Ok, baby just woke up so that is all for today, but hey, it's something!


Miss Anne said...

So happy for you, your business and your sweet baby boys! :) I love all the photos you have taken of them, and love to see your work.

Susanne always has something great to tell me about your projects, business or boys, it's great to hear about everything!


keep on rockin' it mama!

Radek said...

Nice blog. Greetings from Poland