Friday, September 02, 2005

Beauty & Age

I came to conclusion years ago that I was never going to have the figure of a super model. Shocking, I know. But I came to terms with my bizarre physical attributes and went on my merry way. So why is it that this morning I was so completely stunned when I glanced at my legs and saw those nasty little lines. Spider veins. And how hadn't I noticed them before? Ok so I remember one or two but now there are little groupings all over. It's kinda like looking at a map and finding all the tiny rivers amongst the trees. *mental note: shave thighs* I accept that I am getting older despite not really feeling it. There seems to be more signs everyday. Like when your drying off after a shower and find one lone pubic hair on your thigh, 3 inches from where they are normally located. How and why does that happen? Why is it that hair on the head recedes and hair down there spreads? Don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about. You have all found an oddly placed hair somewhere on your bodies, or seen Great Aunt Bertha in a bathing suit!

I guess it's time to start buying anti-aging cream as I've already washed away the Grays. ;) Maybe Jeff will take me to price some walkers when he gets home from work?

Ok, so my RA is good today. I had a hard time with my hand on Wed & Thur after full days of LO assignments. Thankfully the pain settles when it's not in use. :)

Today's jobs- Lo's for my girl Susanne, do the floors and laundry and work on my MOA powerpoint class. Oh, here is one of the pages I will be doing at the Mall Of America next weekend. Here is my Friend Carolyn(Pura Vida)and that is a little mini book on the front.


Sis-in-Law said...

Danea, your blog reflects your charming, usual self. I laughed out loud when I read your entry about the making up silly songs. Your brother does the same thing. Must be a family thing:) But, he always makes me smile, just like you do. It's nice to read about your daily happinings down below.
Sorry about your pubes:)

Sis-in-Law said...

OK, that sounded really perverted! I meant your daily life down in the U.S., not your own *ahem* "down below".

P.S. Love the pic:)