Monday, September 05, 2005

Itchy & Scratchy

Aaaaaaaaah those kooky Simpson's characters, always up to their cute, silly, blood thirsty antics. *Sighs with a smile*. However the itchy and scratchy I will be discussing came in the form of a severe allergic reaction on Friday and is a mystery that has yet to be solved. Thus, I will share my tale in hopes that someone may solve this on going puzzle.

It began as a regular Friday. I spoke to my MIL(Mother in law) around 11:30am, and she invited me over for lunch, chili was on the menu. Mmmm. Never one to turn down a free meal I dashed to the shower and made it to her house by 12:05. Lunch was delicious, but time was short as she promptly booted me out as she "said" she had a hair appointment. **Part of her plan? You decide. By 3pm I started to itch, my legs that is, a deep intense itch that would not stop. There were no visible signs of a rash so I didn't think much of it. Around 5pm she(MIL) called and asked if we wanted to go to the movies, I told her about my bizzarre itching, she did not sound surprised. Hmmmmm. Was she really just calling about the movies, or is it possible she was just seeing if I had made it this far?? Regardless Jeff and I met her for dinner and trucked on over for the 7:25 showing of Red Eye. By this time, my arms itched a bit and I tried as much as possible not to scratch my legs during the show but at times it was just to hard.

We said our goodbyes and headed home. Jumping ahead an hour things were bad, real bad! By this time my arms and legs, just past the knees, were flush and hot to the touch. I had stopped all forms of scratching for fear of making it worse, but the intensity of the itches had become unbearable. So bad in fact, I was bawling like a two year old with a skinned knee, and hopping around as these intense itches struck with the force of mini lightning bolts. I knew I had to do something so I called the nurse help line. I received no sympathy from them but was told to go buy an oatmeal bath and some benadryl. When asked what could cause this I had no clue? I had nothing new in my daily routine, nothing that is, expect the unknown ingredience of said chili! But could it really be the chili? I saw her eat it also, and I saw her dish mine out. If she had slipped something in, wouldn't it had affected us both? UNLESS she slipped the antidote into her chili while I turned away to butter my toast?

Thankfully the drugs store behind us was still open as it was now 11:30pm. The good news is that the bath gave instant relief. The Benadryl, not so much, but we did also buy Lanicane and that worked enough for me to fall asleep. The next morning I was tired but the intense itching had stopped. Unfortunately by evening I felt it come back, but this time in the form of big red blotches all over my arms and legs. This time the nurse help line booked me for an 8pm appointment and off we went to the DRs. I was perscribed some pills, but by the time we came home the blotches and itching were fading. I took half a pill anyway and was fine by bedtime.

Sunday all symptoms were gone. Pshew a full day of relief and I didn't need another pill. Aw but not so fast, this morning I was starting to itch again and my skin was looking flush. I took the second half of the pill and seem to be doing fine. I just wish I knew what could be causing this. My MIL insists she added nothing new to the chili. Could I be reacting to a new found allergy? A sudden allergy to my morning tea, cheese, the kids? Ugh! What a nightmare! I just hope it goes away and never comes back!

Well I have to run, MIL will be here any minute for our BBQ. She offered to make and bring all the side dishes. YUM! What a generous and thoughtful woman!

Fade out with scarey, it's not really over, end of the movie horror music.

** Note, all suspicions and/or accusations are purely out of fun as I adore my MIL and know she feels the same way about me.

Or does she...