Tuesday, September 06, 2005


How come people don't comment? I added a counter and realized that others besides myself actually read my blog. LOL. But very few comment. Is it that bad that it's not even worthy of a "this sucks". That was NOT an invitation for a "this Sucks" comment but just a pondering of mine. It's really not a big deal either way, I just figured someone would say something. ;)

Looks like I am just about ready for the MOA trip on Thursday. Not really sure what to excpect when I get there but I am really looking forward to it. I'm working on a remake of me "Squishes" LO for Susanne's store using product she sells. I'd like at least two more LO's to send to her tomorrow.

My itchies are not present today and I am hoping they are gone for good. In other news, my FIL found kittens in their back yard, they tried to convince us to take one home ( a cute little black one), and they were Ooooohhhhh soooo cute. Alas, we could not. Just found out that my FIL kept the black one...hehehe. It's such a cutie and watches Jeff with the biggest eyes.

My RA has been fine, I start my new needle dose next week.


Anonymous said...

Do you have crabs or something that are making you itchy?? You should get that checked out!

Zee said...

No. If you read the next post down(Mondays), you would see that I had an unknown allergic reaction. Thus, I had itches on my arms and legs.

I guess it would be ignorant to think that only intelligent people would read this blog and I certainly do not want to discriminate.


Miss M! said...

I love it! I am jealous you are going to the MOA. Think of me in hot old Arizona, okay?

wendy said...

I read all the time, just thought you didn't want to be bothered if I didn't have anything useful or thought provoking to say.

Anyhoo... Glad to hear the meds are working, the allergy is abating and you are off to MOA. Have fun!!

Shannon said...

I too read your blog all the time. I'm glad that the itchies are going away! Hope you have a great time a MOA!

Anonymous said...

i am glad i found out you had a blog! butthead...why didn't you email me the site addy?