Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Evening

The light is fading and the sky has that rainy glow. That somewhat creepy glow, but I just noticed as I leaned over to get a better look, that despite the fact that I haven't seen anything wet, there is a beautiful rainbow. Sigh. A rainbow is a good way to end this day. The stress of MMM is over. Good thing too as I really have to get my butt into high gear to get as much done before my pending hand surgery. No, I did not make masters, nor did I make the top 50 finalists. I like to believe I was 51. So close...hehehe. My MIL asked what they were thinking? I told her "they apparently weren't"...LOL. So my goal this next year is to schmooze & submit, and get my name out there the best I can! As much as I don't care to be a "Scrappin' Celeb" the more well known you are, the more opportunities and the more $$$. ;) So I am gunna bust by butt!

Sweet DH made dinner tonight. I was feeling a bit down so that was very nice of him. He just had me laughing while we discussed those who work with customers who either don't speak English, or have a VERY heavy accent. Why do those people always answer the phones or take the drive through orders? Just another of life's little frustrating mysteries.