Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sleepy Girl

I am seriously tired of feeling this way, no pun intended...ha ha. I have no idea why I am so wiped! Ok so maybe it's stress? Or maybe it's because I missed a dose of Enbrel last week and that always seems to catch up to me. This usually means that my RA is more active, whether I notice it outright or not, and thus I get sleepy. But I've really had enough. I slept in the last two days and I even had a nap yesterday. I'm hoping the Mocha Frap' I just had will give me some artificial energy.

MIL is coming over for dinner tonight. She has started the south beach diet which from what I have read seems to be the closest to logical as it is a diet of moderation, non of this no carbs crap. So dh and I are making her something that won't break the rules. I just hope the *itching powder is tasteless. It doesn't have an odor so one out of two aint bad...LOL. *May need to refer to earlier post to catch that one.

Looks like I'll be working my butt off this week with assignments, but I am happy to do it. I still haven't received a call with a surgery date so I will call tomorrow morning for some info. Missy really wants me to go to Memory Trends with her but I will need that info and a ticket, and money for the flight. May not happen but it would be nice!

So I came across a funny blog last week. It was somehow listed as a referring page on my counter? Regardless it's an anonymous lawyer who just cracks me up. I choose to believe that his wrightings may be based on reality but it's his sense of humor that makes them funny. I just can't imagine anyone actually being this arrogant. And if the latter really is the case, then it's still a good read as his arrogance is quite amusing!

Alright, it's 4pm and I really must get dressed. Not that I have been lazy all day, I have infact been cleaning. Yuck.


Miss M! said...

Oh yeah, post about a funny blog and then don't link to it. NICE. >:(

Zee said...

It's Itchy & Scratchy. :p

I thinks it's a funny blog but there have been no comments?

Zee said...

OOps, I realize what you are saying and I had the link in there I have no idea why it didn't work, let me edit it. Duh, ignore the last comment.

wendy said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. there is one possible explanation for extreme unexplained tiredness. ask anyone with kids...

or you're not eating enough iron. have some red meat?

hope you feel better. I'm so bummed I can't make it to MT. Wanted to go, but am out of town two other weekends in oct, can't take a 3rd.

wendy said...

so, i just read that blog link.

omg. i didn't think it was funny. i thought it was very accurate rendition of life as an attorney in a big firm. yikes. what the heck does that say about me???

Zee said...

LOL @ wendy, well if it helps I found that you are extremely funny. But regardless of what he may say, you have to admit that most is stuff one thinks but doesn't say...LOL. Have you read the spagetti post? ROFLOL. That's the best!