Friday, September 23, 2005

Women & Cars

Might be a slightly deceiving title but I'll get to it in due time, and then you will all go "Oooooohhh".

So I still have no surgery date. I am waiting to hear from a "Ghost Artist" who wants me to do a huge amount of design work for her. I am very excited about this opportunity and cannot reveal her identity although I do actually know who she is. For those who are curious, a ghost artist is one who designs product but doesn't have their name attached to it, just the companies name. The company I work for has many artist lines and then the company brand, she designs for the company brand. Anyhoo, she asked for me exclusively (WOOHOO) to design layouts with her winter release collection (very large release). I am getting nervous about not having a surgery date as my down time will be two months and I really don't want to pass up this gig. KWIM? So hopefully we will be in touch today so I can get a time line on when work will start and then possibly make the decision of postponing surgery to do this job.

As far as I know, the wait is depending on when the parts arrive. Ok so not really "parts", they are called prosthetics, my future joints. But whenever someone asks, my response is "just waiting on the parts to arrive". But then I have to correct myself because that sounds like I'm heading in to the shop. Yup, Jeff will take me into the shop for the day, gunna have my alignment checked, some new joints installed, possible oil change. I was hoping for some bigger headlights but that won't be happening anytime soon...LOL. All this shop talk had me thinking once again about one of the most romantic things Jeff ever said to me. My SIL thought it was insulting but if you knew my guy you too would know the great compliment behind it. We were sitting around chatting one night about my RA, and what the future may bring. I knew there would be more corrective surgeries in the future and who knows what other problems might arise? He kept reassuring me that he was in it for the long hull and finally looked me straight in the eye and with a sly grin said "I like my women how I like my cars... Fixer Uppers!" LOL...Isn't he the greatest!? I laughed so hard at this, it still makes me chuckle. Knowing how much he loves working on cars, I have no doubt how much he really cares...hehehe.

Ok so enough stalling, I have 4 more LO's to do. So off I go. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Miss M! said...

You crack me up. I love reading your posts!