Saturday, September 24, 2005


Good ole Saturday. Today's is "Pedro's" Day. Jeff and I go every Sat for lunch. It's possible we are going on two years of this ritual now and only miss it if we are out of town. One might think we would be sick of our weekly dose of Mexican food, but aaahhh you would be mistaken! In fact by Fri, my mouth starts to water knowing the day is near. Mmmm mmm good! So that is were we'll be heading for lunch in about an hour. Woohoo!

So we were watching Threshold last night. It premiered last week and we decided to give it a few weeks to decide if we really like it. Last nights show was pretty good, love the one lined humor by Data...ok that was who he played on Starterk but I really don't know his name? But there was a really funny part, ok funny for me. The scene was a storage room that they were entering and examining a body that was found deformed on the floor. The camera panned the body, showing this oddly twisted hand, to which I wasted no time in commenting "Hey, looks just like my hand!" I think I kinda surprised Jeff with this comment by the look on his face. So I lifted my hand and said "see", it was a fact that made me burst out laughing, because there was no denying, I could have played the hand double for that seen! LOL. Aaaaaaaah, good times.

Ok, must hit the shower as the restaurant opens at noon and I don't want to worry the staff by being late...LOL.