Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lovely, Beautiful, Yucky Fall Day.

I know this is my second post today but I have more to add.

Bubba is home, healthy and back to his mischeivous self. I can't tell you how releived I am. Hmmm what a stupid phrase that is. In fact I CAN tell you how releived I am. I am incedibly releived. We both are. We are also down alot more $$. LOL. But our baby is fine and it's worth it. We swung by daddies work on the way home from the vet so Jeff could see his boy. I think the surprise was good for him as he had the cutest grin on his face. Funny thing is, Bubba was so restless in the carrier all the way there and after seeing Jeff, he settled right down and slept all the way home. I think Bubba needed to see his Daddy too. All is good in the Burleson house.

I love fall. I love the cool crisp air. I love the bare tree's and changing leaves. I love pumpkins and Halloween. I love hot tea in the afternoon. I love bundling in sweaters and rainy days. Today is an overcast, cool cloudy day and the first day it has actually felt like fall. I will admit I love the sun in California but I hate a warm fall and winter. Today feels like a B.C. day. It takes me home and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Cozy day, soup for dinner, children are safe at home. All is good in the Burleson house.

I got a call for some assignments today. I'll be working like a mad women all week(end) as I want to finish my RP entries, need to finish 3 Halloween LO's for CI, and now have this new project for CI which is multiple creations and all are due Monday. Aaaah, no worries. Assignments = money. Money = All is good in the Burleson house! ;)


Miss M! said...

Hey Zee.... I just wanted to check up on you.

Is all good in the Burleson house?