Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Got It! I Got It!

They sent an application, I filled it out, and then, and then.... yesterday it came. My very first ever, shiney and oh so pretty, CREDIT CARD! Goody Goody Gum Drops! I'm a BIG girl now!

Yes many of you are probably thinking what, this 30+ Hottie has never had a credit card? Ok so maybe not thinking the hottie part, but yes, this is my first ever. I had no desire for one, and then came a time when no one would offer, and now those crazy bangdoobers think I should have one. Teehee. Aaaaaaaaaaah with a sweet $500 limit, 0% APR, I am queen of my castle...LOL. Ok so it's not much but it's still my very own card...hehehe.

Today I made my very first purchase. I bought those cute Earth shoes that resemble tennies...ya know, like the green pair I posted previously, except I went with the blue. They were $40 off! Life is grand. So I will pay that off in full and tuck the card away for a couple months. I want to stay on their good side so small purchases, paid in full should do that. And maybe they will someday up my limit to $550? LOL.

Changing topic, all the kids are doing great. As for myself I've had some shoulder/neck issues today but otherwise I've been good.


Shelley(InGA) said...

Danea, you are too much! LOL I'm just about PIMP at your last entry!!

wendy said...

awwww. beware....I mean, have fun!!

Missy said...

I say let's go shopping today!!!!