Friday, October 28, 2005

Dag Nabbit!!

Grrrrrrrrrr. Government agencies. Grrrrrrrrr again. I just need to vent as it gets so frustrating at times!

So last May my purse was stolen. In my purse was my temporary green card. This card is valid for two years, at which time you have a 90 day span to refile for your permanent green card. Well we are now half way through our 90 period and still haven't filed. Back in June we paid the fee for a replacement card and then waited. We waited until last month when we finally had an appointment to take new pictures/fingerprints. Then we were to wait again for the card to show up. Well today I get a letter saying they need to refinger print as the ones they just did were not good enough. My new appointment Nov 17th. Grrrrr!

So let me explain one more thing. They redid my digi finger prints on their machines like three times and it was getting painful. Painful you ask? But why? Because my dang fingers are fused and not all the tips are fused straight, some have a slight PERMANENT bend. Not to mention my wrist is fused too! It was awkward because they can't press flat against the scan plate. Apparently the guy felt that if he held my hand harder and pushed down more, it would work. Ummm NOT! This just caused more pain. So finally after so many failed attempts, he got the approval from the head guy that they were fine, only to find out today I must go back. Of course there is no phone # available and I highly doubt they will have ink finger printing but I think that's the only thing that will work. That's what they used in the first place.

What makes this even more aggravating is that I'm just going to have to turn this card in the minute I get it. But worst of all, my Dad is getting married next month and I cannot travel outside the US without that damn card. I got all excited today when I saw the letter cuz I thought it finally arrived. Sigh.

&*&^^ governments &%%$#@! incompetant $@**&^ %##@$%^ waist of time $#%^**&^^% no good @#%%&^&^*&& heads up their @$$$&&&*&*.

Aaaaaahhh that felt good.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you can't go to your dads wedding. Can you not get a special pass from immagration or the border place. Some people we know have had that.
I miss you, mom xoxoxo

Zee said...

Well I just got off the phone with our Lawyer. he said it may be possible to file for a travel doc' but it could take weeks. They have an emercency one, but he said that is usaully just for death. Sometimes they will accept the request depending on the office and officer you get.

The only problem there may be the appointment time. I'm going to call and see what kind of wait we are looking at but there is usually a three week wait and sometimes months. So, we'll see.

Susan Wright said...

Isn't it amazing. They make it so difficult for an honest person to travel across the border to watch her dad get married while they are just a bunch of stinking LIARS.

strawberrygirl said...

Danea, we will definitely miss you at the wedding. Who is Dusten going to boogie with? It just won't be the same.....sigh