Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Busy Bee

Buzzzzz buzzzz.

This week is flying by and I've had barely a moment to rest. Saturday we made the decision to bring my MIL to our house where she would have an easier time recouping after surgery. We knew she wouldn't be able to maneuver the stairs at home and so we cleaned up the spare room and got her settled in on Sunday. She's doing quite well and there is no rush to send her home.

So here is what is happening with me in my little scrappin' world:

1. Just finished two projects with rushed deadlines. One is for an upcoming ad, which I created 8 crafty pieces for. I'm very excited about this one and look forward to seeing it in print. The other was a Halloween page set for the web. Both were presented to me on Friday and due Monday, however due to the home arrangements and workload I wasn't finished it all until yesterday.

2. I have joined the Technique Tuesday DT and have a two card assignment due for Paper Crafts Mag by Nov 14th. Another cool gig. Plus whatever I can create by Dec 3. The latter is for something different and I don't know if I am at liberty to say, but they want everything from LO's to home decor.

3. Just got notification that I will be creating 8 LO's that will be featured on the actual product packaging! Woohoo! There hasn't been a set deadline for this, just told they are needed ASAP!

4. I need to create some more LO's for Suzy Q's store.

So it looks like I will be a busy bee for the next while. My goal is to get my scrap room cleaned and a head start on the TT cards. I would love to get them done before the CI project materials arrive.

Ok so this was probably a pretty boring entry, I apologies. But I do want to add that I am very envious of those who had a great Halloween, parties and trick or treaters. Bah Humbug! Oops wrong season but it strangely seems to fit. I did get some cool Halloween paraphernalia on sale and will have some sort of shindig next year. Even if it's just a few people over for dinner. I hope to make new friends this year, soley for the purpose of having people to invite to a Halloween party...LOL.

My nieces Kayla & Kiahanna. This is my advanced LO you can check out my beginner and intermediate at under project idea's. They should be listed real soon. :)


Wendy said...

oh congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you! (and totally jealous about the TT DT!! I love love love love love love love their stuff. Can't wait for the MT releasese to hit LM so I can buy it all).

Can't wait to see your stuff on the packages. I can say "I know her!!"

Devon said...

That's great Danea!!! You are going to be busy, but I know that you can pull it off and it'll turn out great. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

wish i was there to see all this great stuff you are doing. You are so talented! Say hi to Terry for me, love you all, Mom

strawberrygirl said...

Danea, you are amazing:) Can I come to your Halloween party?

Missy said...

You are so funny with the finding friends just for a party...cute!!! Like Wendy I am so jealous of the TT DT stuff....ooohh that is just too cool. I can't wait to see your cool stuff.