Friday, November 04, 2005

Fa La La La Laaaa

So Halloween is now past and I am getting the Christmas Bug. Some of you may be thinking CHRISTMAS!? But Thanksgiving isn't here yet. On the contraire my friends. If you remember, I Am Canadian. It has past and I missed it...LOL. Ok so it's just around the corner here in the US of A and it will be my first hosted Thanksgiving dinner! Whoohoo. But back to the Christmas thing. I love Christmas and the decorations, warm cozy fires, the smll of cinnomon, twinkling lights, Christmas music and I will be hosting a Christmas tea again this year. Last year I had one for all my class regulars as I stopped teaching by then and wanted to thank them for being so faithful to me. It was a lovely time and I got to use all the pieces of my Mudd Pie set that Jeff bought me the year before.I guess I better start planning and get the invites out.

I'll be praying for snow this year...hehehe. Being where we are in Cali, it aint gunna happen but I believe in miracles. ;)

Scrapbook Update:

I have 8+ pages and 2 cards And ?? mistery projects to complete by next Wed. Thus I am going to keep this short as I need to get my ever growing butt in gear! However, switching gears back to Christmas, here is a page of my Bobby waaaaayyy back in the day. He crossed the Rainbow bridge (as it is so cutely refered too by animal lovers but I honestly think it sounds dorky, but Shhhhhh)back in '97. Unfortunately for him, he did not make it though life without being dressed up, in this case as Santa...hehehe. I used Rusty Pickle papers. It was a quick LO and it just wouldn't scan right so this crappy digi pic is all I have to show.


Karen said...

Cool layout, Danea! You amaze me, truly. BTW, I *did* ask for your favorite shows on my blog and thank you for sharing. Now I have to set my DVR for more!

Miss M! said...

OMG... what a freaking cutie!

Wendy said...

OMG. That is the cutest pet page I've seen ever. LOVE IT!!!