Friday, November 04, 2005

Sometimes I Lie

I'm not sure why I do this but in some situation I cannot help but lie. Usually to complete strangers in the service industry. For example just moments ago I did this. You see I am looking for a ponytial clip-on hair piece. I'm sure you have all walked by that stand in the mall right? Well I have decided I want one and thus I am shopping around. I have called a few local places because I am hesitant to buy online because of color matching. However online is MUCH cheaper. The place I just called was appointments only and very pricey. Instead of just saying thank you after her checking the prices for me, I proceeded to tell her I would call back to schedule an appointment. Ummm I have no intention of doing this so why did I feel inclided to lie?

I often do this when I am calling about services, like salons and the price of a haircut. I say I'll call back when I don't intend to.

No worries to friends and family as this seems to be the only real dishonest moments I have. Maybe I just don't want to hurt any feelings. But I'm sure these people don't care. Hmmm strange isn't it.


Anonymous said...

you can lie to sve our feeling too! LOL