Monday, October 24, 2005

Wedded Bliss

So we are home from our road trip to see Jeff's best friend marry his sweety Devon.
It was a very nice wedding and a fun trip. Everything went as planned for the happy couple, unlike our wedding but I won't rant about that...LOL. I took some pictures but didn't want to be in the way of the hired photographer, so I didn't do many and left all the formal shots to her. In fact some friends took me to Kmart to buy more film, while those pictures were being done. So I missed part of the first dance and didn't even attempt to get those shots. Oops. ;)

I did try for some untraditional shots some of which I will post in a moment. My favorite candid was of Devon laughing with Mike standing in the background. Please click on the photo's to see a larger view. If they look pixelated, then click on it to enlarge once more.

Some that I didn't excpect to like. For example; right after the ceremony everyone gathered around to congratulate and such. Both the bride and groom lit a smoke.I zoomed in on the bride for a nice headshot and just as I focused and clicked the shutter, she lifted the cigarette to her lips. I don't know what it is about the shot but I ended up really liking it. Besides, she smokes and it captures a part of her. P.S. I do not condone smoking and wish to heck these two would stop, but as a bride on her wedding day, this was a peice of the moment...LOL.

Another favorite was this shoe shot. Unfortunately the carpet in the bridal room was dark green, so I set the shoes just outside the door. I used an oil filter to soften the look. :)

I saw a picture in a magazine and like the idea, it's not the exact shot, I had to put my own spin on it but I can't take credit for the idea. :)

Here's another shot of the bouquet.

I had my big zoom lense on during the ceremony and that sucker sure makes alot of noise. I was so paranoid I was ruining it for everyone each time I tried to focus. Thankfully only a few people seemed to notice. I managed to get this ring shot but unfortunately Mike's back was to me so I wasn't able to see him put the ring on her.

This is pretty self explanitory but for you slower folk, Becky is placing the veil on Devon.

This has got to be one of my favorites. I snapped it when Devon and I got to her hotel room after the reception. I had asked her what her "Blue" item was and when she told me I said I had to get a shot as the rhinestones were just so cute. Oh and she made these herself...hehehe. For those prudes out there, you can't see anything and she's more covered then many bathing suits so move along to the next picture if this gets your panties in a wad. LOL

Ok, we can't forget those handsome men. I pulled them away for about 3 minutes and Mike was paranoid that we would be gone too long...LOL. I like this picture though. They clean up so well...LOL.

Last shot for now as I still have so many more to go through. But the ones I posted are my favorites so far and the ones left to go through are more of the traditional shots. I like Mikes wink in this one, and my Jeffypoo looks so cute!

Wow, I just realized the time and I have apperently wasted my whole day playing with these photo's and this post. Yikes I better get crackin' on some housework!


Miss M! said...

I love the one of Devon smoking! I am also not a fan of smoking, but really, it's so artistic and unexpected and it just has great lines.