Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've been pondering about a friendship that seems to have faded. I'm not sure why some friendships fade away. I know sometimes I tend to get caught up in my life and realize that even though I have thought about someone often, I haven't actually talked to them in a while. This makes me feel guilty as I realize that they don't know I'm thinking of them so I really should send a note or make a call. Maybe I am selfish? But with this particular friendship, I feel that maybe I could have done a little more, but like all relationships, there needs to be 50/50 and I cannot take full blame.

Alot changed with my friend, and she doesn't live close. I was supportive and encouraging but her schedule changed and so did much of the common interests we had that began the friendship in the first place. Then I read a comment she made about friends and the more I read it, the more I realized that I had to be one of the people she was talking about. It was kinda hurtful and quite frankly, untrue. The fact that she viewed things in that way made me not want to bother anymore. Sigh. I think about her alot and wonder how she is doing. So do I attempt to restart something, or do I just move on? There has never been negative words between us, just loss of contact. Would it be a struggle to find things in common now? Oh well I guess.

On another topic, I am getting reading for a road trip to Phoenix as Jeff's best friend is getting married.We leave REALLY early tomorrow morning and will be back on Sun. I'm making the card right now, then need to wrap the present.

Here's a LO I did yesterday, I decided to enter the RP contest at scrapbook.com. Two more LO's to go.

I need to mail a package.
I need to run to Longs.
Yum, Whipped Yogart.
I love my Jeffypoo.


wendy said...

aww zee. don't be sad.

i think, sometimes, people have such overwhelming strong events that take over their lives that it tends to cloud how they see everything else. and for those caught up in that view, it can be very painful. it is hard to somehow fail someones test of "true" friends, but in the end, if you are put to some unwritten "test" in the first place, that probably tells you something about it, and that you weren't approaching it the same way. Not that it is bad on either side. Just not a good match, at least at this point in both of your lives.

SO!! HUGS. Enjoy your trip.

And good luck on the contest. I'm leaving this one to you... too many times entering with such little result for me. not gonna do it again for a while, i think.

Zee said...

Thanks Wendy. I'm sure you have an idea of who I am talking about. I am sad because I really like her. Feeling a bit guilty too because everytime we talked it was about the events in her life and she was always soooo down and negative. I was always so supportive but I admit it was becoming emotionally draining. I guess that's why I feel guilty, because I stopped trying so hard. But on her end, she stopped trying too. I'm sure she doesn't see that either. Maybe at a different time, as you said. :)

As for the contest, I swore I would never enter another one there, but I had the product and didn't have to purchase any so I was sucked in. I get paranoid cuz some comments say "this is a winner" and such. I have gotten those comments before, I never win. I swear it's a jinx and the noticed LO's never win. So I am sure this time is no different. LOL

wendy said...

yeah, I think I do know who you are talking about. i feel so bad for her. But, I think she knows best where she wants the limits to be right now.

for what its worth, I don't think she meant that comment about friends to you...

have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I love love love that layout and am glad you are still a proud Canadian. LOL We all loose contact Danea and that is one thing in life that I learned is that everything changes in life, and everyone, that is what makes life. I hate change sometimes too but then on the other hand we make new contacts and renew contacts, like my brothers and sister. yahoo Our relationship changed but we still love each other just as much.Sometimes it just has to be in our hearts that matter. I love you, mom xoxoxo

Miss M! said...

Aw, I feel outta the loop. I, for one, have no clue who you are talking about. But you know I wub you, so all is good.

I love love love that layout! Especially that photo. You look really young and super cute and happy in it.