Thursday, October 13, 2005

Still Recouping

So Vegas was alot of fun! So much to see, so many people to meet! I won't get hung up on the fact that my "friends" as they say they are, ditched me. That's correct, I was left alone in the hotels smelly casino without a room key and they wouldn't answer they're phones. Now they claim to have looked for me and they also claim that they didn't hear their phones ringing. What goes around comes around and payback is a, well anyway, I'm done complaining...LOL.

Some highlights for me:

I got to meet Karen Burniston in person. We talk alot on the phone and she has helped me many times so it was great to finally meet. I have a pic, crappy of me but great of her...LOL. And no that is not fashion bling around my neck, well the teal one is, but the other is my name badge with different manufacture bling that some booths give you.

Met Julie Scattaregia, who created my favorite idea book, Your Sentiments Exactly for CI. She is soooo nice!

Missy, Susanne and I got all dulled up and went for a really nice dinner. A wee bit overpriced but the company made it worth while. (How sappy was that last comment!?)

Was very flattered to be talked up by certain people at no benefit to them, to other companies. And knowing that my work has been discussed by others...hehehe. This was very exciting.

Got some good news from Danelle Johnson. ;)

It's not completely official but I am pretty sure I'll be on the Technique Tuesday DT and I just LOVE their stuff!! Plus the girls there are so fun, and Eileen, I know you probably won't see this, but I was just teasing...LOL. ;)

Met Laurel from We R Memory Keepers. I won their Emossible Designs contest last year and they had my mini album there. She was very nice and I am going to do some follow up on possible design work for them. Like many other companies, I won't hold my breath but it sure would be cool.

Missy And I met Janna Wilson of Junkitz. Dang, another fantastic girl. We chatted for a while too. Then we ran into her hours later and she remembered our names! Very impressive.

Ran into Suzy West at the Cactus Pink booth. It was great to see her again since it has been a few months since I taught at her store. The cactus pink girls were all so nice also.

Met Greta Hammond who keeps winning my contests. ROFLOL. Dang it's hard to dislike someone who keeps beating you when they are so stinkin' sweet! LOL. She is very talented and well deserving so I guess I won't be bitter and admit she's a really nice gal!

Ummm who else, oh I know, we met a lady named Donna who runs Sierra Scap Escape, and I am working on holding a scrappetite retreat there next June. I just hope the ladies are as impressed with the package and price as I am.

I will try and post more pictures once Suzy Q gets them loaded off her Digi as the pic with Karen is the only one I took on my camera. Some scrapper I am...LOL. Now back to cleaning I go. I'm am trying to re organize my Studio. Aaaaah I love the word STUDIO, it makes me feel so important. ;)


wendy said...

well, it sounds like it was fabulous trip!! TT dt? How cool is that!! CongratS!

Miss M! said...

Sounds like a good time! Man, how cool would it be to be on the TT dt!!