Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Filler Post

My fans have been demanding a post so here it is...LOL. Yes it is really just a blah, blah, filler, blah post. But I'm sure it will make some happy.

I had a wonderful and busy visit with my mom. Lunch at Lisa's Tea Treasures, lots of shopping, opening presents, dinners out and Jeff's Birthday. I even managed to squeeze in and hosted dinner for Missy and Jim on Sat night, while sending my mom off with my MIL for dinner and a movie. Yes, my mom and MIL get along beautifully, just one big happy family. :)But being so busy resulted in my lack of posting and I apologize as it appears a few of you have been sitting on the edge of your seats, repeatedly hitting the refresh button in hopes a new post would appear. Alas your dreams have come true. Rest assured I will never leave my fans high and dry. (LOL @ fans as I know I will get heck for these comments but I just can't resist....hehehe)

So here is the one shot of mommy and I courtesy of my MIL...I am seriously the worst scrapper in the world, how do I not take pictures?! Oh ya, still don't have a digi slr....sigh. ;)

Well I am running out of post time as I have to get dressed and head for yet another stupid finger printing appointment...LOL. Speaking of fingers, my dislocated artificial joint has been causing me a HUGE amount of pain for three days now and I have scheduled an apt. for Thursday morning with the hand surgeon. Yes it is now time to take the plunge and have my surgeries done. Hopefully I can have the first one right after Christmas...wouldn't that be grand to get it over with so soon!

Sorry this is so short but I will be sure to post again real soon.


wendy said...

omg. I've been going into serious withdrawal over here, lol, hitting the refresh.

thanks for calming that neurosis....

Miss M! said...

you gotta post gurl post ost post pots. lub ya.

Karen said...

can't . . . breathe . . . hyperventilating . . . from . . . D . . . talking . . . directly . . . to . . . her . . . fans! *snicker* Sounds like you've been having fun. Keep it up! Good luck with the surgery - a dislocated artificial joint sounds painful - you should really have that looked at and stop galavanting, you know?! Sheesh! What are WE supposed to do if you can't type?! Did you ever think about that? Huh? Did you?

Missy said...

Well it's about freaking time. Now I can sit back in my chair and stop hitting the refresh button.

I'm glad to hear you got yourself an appointment to talk to the surgeon. I am still hoping you are recovered enough to attend CHA (please CI she needs to go).

OK well today is another day so we should have another update soon.