Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lalalalala Lala la Laaaaaaa!

Teehehe, there is a lot happening today!

First, here are a couple pictures from Sundays Tea Party. The first is a quick shot of the centerpiece on the table. The second is a picture of Kim, Missy and myself. I don't have time for more pictures but these were my two favorites so they will do. :)

Second, another of my projects is being featured at Creative Imaginations It's a door hanger for the 14th day of Christmas. The photo really sucks on the website though, you can't see the details. I'm thinking I should set up my equipment and take my own product shots to send in...LOL. This was my quick shot for my records. I used the Hip Holiday collection and added glitter to the stickers. Lots of fancy ribbon work too...LOL.

Third, is the biggest news today. While finishing up my moms Christmas gift yesterday, I decided to call her and told her she should come visit today. She said "Really? I thought you were busy with assignments?" I told her I am but it's Christmas and I would like to see her. So her flight arrives at 4:30...LOL. Nothing like a last minute trip for the weekend...hehehe. So I have to get my Christmas cards finished & in the mail, went the easy route as I was stressing too much about having time to make them, so it's store bought this year! And a lot fewer then usual...oh well, that's life. I need to get a few things wrapped and run some errands. Should be a stressless day, cleaning and organizing. :)

A side note, I still cannot leave the country as my replacement greencard has still not arrived. This is what transpired at the fingerprint retakes last month: They insisted on taking more digital prints that were being rejected. I spoke with the office manager and told her that ink prints will be the only ones that work. They refused to do ink prints and had various people in the office attempt to get a better digi print from me than the last...sigh. So after more frustration I spoke to the office manager again who then actually looked at my file and told me I don't even need these prints as my remove of conditional status forms were due in two weeks. She said to make a fast track appointment and explain this to the INS. They will take care of it. We filed for the permanent greencard with an attached letter stating why I don't have my temp card.

Flash forward to INS appointment, man spoke broken English, didn't understand, then said everything is fine, I don't need to be other words a waste of our time.

1 week later: We receive yet another notice stating that I will have to come in for refinger printing as the last ones were not satisfactory!!! Can you believe this crap!? Jeff says we will just continue to go in smiling with each letter we receive because they are never going to get a satisfactory print with the digi form. Regardless if I need it or not...LOL. That's the government for ya!

The last frustration is that we just got notice stating that it could take a year for my permanent card to arrive. In the meantime, I cannot travel out of country without my temp card in possession....grrrr!

Ok back into the holiday groove...Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells... lalala la laaaa.


DH said...

We'll also wave goodbye as we exit the USCIS office jubilantly exclaiming, "Love the hair! See ya next month!"

Karen said...

Oooh! Love the photos, D! The door hanger is divine! You are smokin' on these assignments! How frustrating about the green card. Hope it works out soon.

Missy said...

Wow the picture of the center piece looks great. You really need to post more of your holiday decorations. Your house is so amazingly decorated that you really need to show it off.

Miss M! said...

Yeah, show it off Zee!

Sorry about the green card frustration. I like your door hanger though!

wendy said...

UGH. How terribly frustrating about the green card. I hope it works out soon!

Your house looks amazing, I'd love to see more!!

Anonymous said...

when do we get to see some pics of your hunky brother dusten?
Keep on truckin'
P Anderson

??????? said...


strawberrygirl said...

Danea!!!!!!!!!!!! I still need your mailing address!!!! Please email me, I have been waitng to hear back from you:)

Missy said...'s time for a blog update!!!

strawberrygirl said...


And having mom in town is no excuse!!!!

Missy said...

Hello!!!! Mommy left yesterday afternoon, no more have no excuse. Get your ass in gear and update!!!