Monday, December 12, 2005

Just A Lazy Day!

It's about time really. I just took it easy and did nothing, including not getting my Christmas packages in the mail which is giving me slight anxiety attacks at the moment. But it did actually feel good to sleep in and not worry about anything. Tomorrow is another day, back to the hassel and bussel. I need to get my Christmas cards out and I still have to make some. I wrote a family letter today which will save some time instead of writing personal notes in each card. ;)

My tea party went off without a hitch. I had a wonderful time and the company was great. Only one minor mishap as I was placing the miniature quiches onto the tray one slipped and landed on the floor. But no worries, thanks to my lightning like reflexes and the ten second rule, tragedy was diverted.

Was thinking about snow today. Still hating these warmish Cali winters. I mean really hating that there isn't ice and that I can go outside without a coat. It makes me want out of this state even more. I so long for a cold winter. I just want to play in the snow, like a child on a snow day. Meeting your friends to build forts or go taboganing. I had recently discussed an event from childhood with a friend... being senile at 31 has made it hard to remember who the friend was but it was recent. Regardless, I was about 11 and we had a snow day, this was rare in B.C.'s lower mainland but it did happen on occasion. I called Lindsay and Becca and we decided to meet at the park at the end of my street. It's funny how when it snows people are more inclined to walk long distances without hesitation, but that's another story.

I bundled up in my new, well new to me cuz I'm sure mom had bought it second hand, tan, Eskimo jacket. This thing was huge and I'm sure weighed more than me. It had the big fur lined hood and when I pulled the draw strings I could just barely see through the fuzzy cream fur. Hmm sorta like Kenny. It was long too, went down to the top of my boots. I could barely get my gloves on because the thickness of the jacket prevent regular arm bending but I managed with time. With that done, I headed out the front door, the screen closing with a bang. I would like to say the frigid air hit my face like a crisp bite, but I felt nothing, the coat was successfully doing it's job. Off I waddled through the foot of freshly fallen snow. It was windier than I realized and there were little bitty snowflakes being blown all over. I trudged along, joyously making my own tracks, sometimes dragging my feet and others times stepping as high as possible to leave the perfect print. Being so close, I made it to the park before the others. I brushed snow off one of the benches and sat down. The wind was really strong now and a few moment of sitting and the cold on my butt was too much. Thankfully my friends were not far off. Of course my new coat was the brunt of their jokes, especially since I could barely hear them with the wind and the hood, I had to keep yelling "WHAT?!". We talked for a bit trying to decide what to do next. The winds were growing more fierce and it was starting to ruin our plans of enjoying the snow as we all became increasingly colder. I myself wasn't too bad but the other girls were starting to get cranky, and frustrated as our indecision grew. Not to mention their annoyance with me in having to repeat everything they said. At one point I was standing facing them. Becca said something and laughed, again I asked "What?" She turned to Lindsay who looked at her, shrugged and smiled. So Becca reached out and with one finger poked me in the chest. Apparently, with the winds, the weight of the jacket and my lack of mobility, that's all it took for me to fall like a tree. Straight back I went, unbending, into a thick pillow of snow. I just laid there for a bit, staring at the sky and listening to the muffled laughter of my so called friends. I struggle for a moment or two, trying to move myself into the sitting position to no avail. Then, through my circular, furry peep hole I saw their laughing faces looking down at me. "Meeeb smom elff?" Was all I could hear, but I knew I was being mocked.

It took both of them to lift me back up. Sure it was funny after the fact, that one slight poke of a finger could make me fall like a brick. As for the coat, that was the one and only time I wore it. I felt it was a hazard, a danger to me physically and socially. So it got tucked away in my closet, but the memory has stayed with me.

Please bring me a snow day...Sigh.


cari said...

what are friends for, if not to mock you.....

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! reminds me of A Christmas Story.

Bring that coat when you move to my town!


MOM said...

Oh Danea Lindsay and Becca would never do that. LOL You guys were characters.The funny thing is we never retaleated(?) on them, especially Lindsay. heeheehee (rice) I still think these write ups should be in a book. love ya mom xoxoxo

wendy said...

LOL Zee. What a great story. You are so descriptive in your stores - I always feel like I'm right there.

Sorry you hate Cali so much.

Miss M! said...

I could totally picture that in my head.

Are your friends *snicker snicker tee hee* still mocking you?

Yer Daddy said...

Its hustle and bustle and tobogganing..+chuckles+
Can't help but do the spell check thing.. then your mom comes along and "retaleated".
OK OK you got you good looks and your spelling from your mom.
Now I am certain... that there will be some form of retaliation from this post.... Great story tho :-))

Missy said...

Well I for one think this story is a bit embellished!!!!!

(snicker, snicker, snicker)