Friday, December 09, 2005

O' Happy Day

So today is the first day that I really have the chance to get into the Christmas spirit. There have been no real signs of the season in house yet, except that about two weeks ago Oli had decided winter had arrived and we woke up one morning to discover he had plumped up (looks twice as fat) and grew a new long, silky plush white coat. Ok maybe not completely overnight but he looks like a furry Santa. He did this last year so it is just s seasonal thing with him. Sadie also has a beautiful winter coat and Bubba, nothing, same old Bubba. I actually caught Oli running off to stash a mouthful of food the other day. No surprise about the weight gain...LOL.

Usually I decorate the 1st of Dec but with my work deadlines today will be the day, and probably tomorrow as my party is on Sunday. Everyone who was invited has said yes...Yippee! I bought some of the sparkly dollar items at Michaels yesterday to make some napkin rings. Unfortunately they were down to slim pickin's so I had to dig through the piles. I left looking like I had had a brawl with the glitter fairy, and I won. Even Jeff commented that I had glitter all over me when he got home...LOL.

I wanted to add a festive photo to my blog today but discovered that I apparently do not take Christmas photo's. How does that happen?How can I respectively call myself a scrapper and photographer when I don't have any Christmas Photo's? Shame on me! That will change this year!

I really do not have any other news to share. I am done with CI projects and have to do some for TT before Dec 23. What and how many is up to me. :)

One last thought... I asked Jeff last night if we should do lights this year. But we decided not to bother. Mostly because the layout of our house means that we wouldn't enjoy them as there is only one window, my scraproom that is at the front. Most of you are probably wondering why I would care if we could see them from inside, but Christmas lights make me think of my childhood. Back in the day you were in bed long before they were turned off for the night. I remember lying in bed and staring at the glow of red, green, yellow and blue. I loved that glow. I loved watching the snow fall onto lights. Especially when it got old enough to actually cover them. I even remember turning off all the lights in the living room and just watching the glow of the tree and outdoor lights that reflected in. There is something so mesmerizing about Christmas lights. So if you do have lights on your house, take a moment and enjoy how they look from the inside.


MOM said...

Why is it everytime I read your blog I get more prouder of you. You seem to show what is inside you more and more. I love that it is the little things in life that mean so much to you. I guess you get that from your ma cause I sure enjoy all those things. The other night I just sat on the couch and watched the tree and Thunder came up and asked me how I could just sit there.Guess only you can understand.I put up outside lights for others to enjoy too so put them up.The spirit is for everyone.Dont forget to look in the manger and remember why it is Christmas. I love you my baby girl, sooo much. Mom xoxoxoxo

Karen said...

In the house where I lived from age 4 until I left for college there was an interior archway that my mother would decorate with a green garland/red bell light set that she bought at a garage sale. Those bells just symbolized Christmas to me. I would turn out all the lights in the house and just gaze at the bells. Yep. Lights are an important part of Christmas. I concur!

strawberrygirl said...

Danea, it's totally the little things that get you everytime. I can just watch snow fall for hours at night. It creates such a sense of calm and tranquility.

A friend of mine who scrapbooks (you posted on her site) is trying to post comments here, and can't for some reason. Can you email me why that might be? I also need you to email me your mailing address:)

Thanks chick:)

Miss M! said...

I seem to remember an EXTEMELY cute pic of one Oliver in a hat with a candy cane that I think is quite festive!