Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In Lieu of Swearing...

Is it Loo, or Lew or Lou? Regardless...Fricken Frackin' Fro!!

Oh DH informed it's Lieu...LOL. None of the above...hehe.

Aaaaah the joys of Christmas and gifts. I have made two purchases and almost a third and let me explain the problems with ALL THREE!

First, was in a "Health and Beauty" store(as described by category on the directory) and I had a $10 off coupon card. I was smart and had calculated my total in my head. It wrung up about ten bucks more. The clerk, assuring me that she had given the discount, added things up again out loud while pointing at each item. Getting the wrong total, which I knew because I had actually taken math in school, I laughed and said no, and did it with her. At this point she said "Huh? Your right, that's odd." As suspected she had conveniently not given me the discount.

Second was a knife, again from a mall store. I purchased it for DH and with the suspicion that it was too much $$$ I gave it to him that night. (Actually an early bday gift. He liked it but after consideration decided that it indeed was too much $$$ so I returned it the next day for a full refund. So I thought. Dh showed me our bank statement last night, which he checks regularly online, and after returning the money to my card, it was then recharged. %$#@**^$!! So I get on the horn today and had to leave a message with the polite sales clerk. When my call still had not been returned I called back. She stated that the owner (who did both transactions for me) said he had realized this mistake last night, and that she was to tell me that it should be corrected in my account now. The excuse- he realized he hadn't pressed a button to finalize the transaction..cough bulls**t cough, and thus had to re-enter the amount and try and redebit it again. Cough, cough, BULLS**T, COUGH! I have the receipt that states that the transaction had been finalized and my card had been credited. Machines don't print up these receipts unless the transaction is finalized. Not to mention if he realized it hadn't credited me, why would he debit that amount AGAIN, the OPPOSITE of crediting me? In other words... Oopsie, he got caught so think up an excuse fast.

Lastly, I had the brilliant idea to buy some tickets as gifts but was completely put off by the ticketmaster "convenience" charge. Sure as heck isn't convenient for me! In fact $10+ per ticket made me hit cancel. So I called TM and asked what this charge was for. She said the convenience for using the phone or online purchasing options. I asked "so if I go to an actual location I won't have this charge?" "Ya, there will still be a charge." WTF? Forget that! Why not just hide that in the ticket price so I don't feel like I am being violated? That's enough to make anyone feel dirty and rock themselves in the shower.

So folks just a word to the wise, be sure to check your accounts regularly, if you can check them online do so. Check you bank statements when they come in, especially if you are making purchases this season. Also, be wise and tally things in your head before checking out. If you have coupons check that they are being used. With the holiday rush, many store "forget" to do those, prices are wrung up wrong and plain old thievery happens. These are all things you should do anyway, but in the craze of the season, you may just get ripped off as many people are just to busy to be bothered to check!

UPDATE: The latest bank statement said the account had been credited back on the 4th(the next day). So maybe, just maybe it was a mistake and he's not the evil doer I had once thought. ;)


wendy said...

yikes. good thing you caught it all. I woulda missed every single one, I think...

thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

your accout should have been credited twice shouldn't it have? once for the second charge and then another time for the actual return. check it out if not.

Staples is notorious for having different prices ring up instead of what's on the shelf pricing. i catch them 9 times out of 10. it is just so they get extra $$ and i bet most people don't catch it. that is theft as far as i'm concerned.


Miss M! said...

"That's enough to make anyone feel dirty and rock themselves in the shower."

I love this line!

Zee said...

LOL @ Sara, glad someone appreciated that line...hehehe.

Shame on you Wendy! LOL.

I agree Susanne, I think it's stealing too!