Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Something I can share. For those of you who may secretly think I am not actually working as I never have anything to show for it! LOL. Thankfully I can show you some of what I did yesterday and this morning as it's with product that is available now and not top secret CHA releases. This is a layout, travel journal, candle and card...but I would like to think that the majority of you guys could have figured that out on your own. But for you fellow special needs folks,just wanted to help my hommies out.

I got smart and backed down on a few projects but it looks like I will have time to do them next week. 3 more projects to go and I am done for this week!! Woohoo! I should be able to have them done today also. :)

Ok I gotta run if I want to meet that goal!

Peace out.


Missy said...

Dang that sutff looks awesome. I especially love the candle and journal. Very nice work Zee.

Anonymous said...

amazing! love the candle.


Miss M! said...

They're all so pretty! NOw I get to see that journal you were working on, yay!

scrapea&happy said...


Your work is amazing. Great Idea with the candle. It is something, I myself would not have thought to try!

wendy said...

Totally gorgeous Zee!!