Saturday, January 28, 2006


So this weekend is the biggest trade show of the year and my sorry behind is here at home....sigh. lol. Since we are now aloud to post our layouts, i thought i would share a few of my personal favorites. Click the image to see lager view.

The Color Of Love: Technique Tuesday stamps, photo from Mike & Devon's wedding.

Climb High: Creative Imaginations new Studio Basics 101, Lush collection. Photo of my niece Kiahanna.

Interviewing Danea: Technique Tuesday Stamps, same interview as on my blog...pretty much. ;)

Kiss: Creative Imaginations, this is a mini page and my first attempt at doodling on a layout. Photo i took at Geremy and Deedee's wedding

Beach Buddies:Creative Imaginations Studio Basics 101 Savvy collection. Photo's from Calli's mom Catherine.


strawberrygirl said...

Wow Danea. That's all I can really say. I wish I saw you more so you could do some photos of us. I am really, really proud of you:)

scrapea&happy said...

Excellent Work! I can't get over the details on your scrap pages! Everything matches so perfectly! I have so much that I can learn from you. Thanks for sharing the layouts.

Randell said...

Love your layouts, it's like I am looking at a magazine they are soo fab! Love all the techniques!

karen said...

Awesome! I love that you scrapped your "interview" - you crazy kooky girl! Beautiful work, as always!

Miss M! said...

I love those! Such beautiful work.