Monday, February 06, 2006

So much to say, so little..

oh, who am i trying to fool!? we all know i am one handed and have all the time in the world right now! just not the patience to type. alot has happened this past week though. susanne came to visit and i had a great time taking her shoppingand to the tea room. we walked the shops in down town campbell and found a neat little gallery that was selling giant roosters. we took a picture of it to scrap, daisy d's has the perfect paper! lol.
French Market (Check out the bottom left paper in this link...hehehe)

We also had a pic taken of us at lisa's tea treasures which is the cutest little tea room where i take all out of town guests. Note that this is a great shot of the clunky/scuzzy/mummy like bandage i have been plaqued with these past two weeks.

This photo was take in the gift shop part of the store.

I go this afternoon to have this cast removed and stitches taken out. I am going stirr crazy not being able to do much and am crossing my fingers that they just splint the one finger so i can be somewhat functionable again.

So that is pretty muh what's been going on. not too exciting i know but at least i am updating my blog! ;)


Becky said...

Isn't it funny how we have pp planned out when taking a photo!! I am loving your LOs for CHA, you are very talented. Interested in being on another DT? E-mail me if you are -

Miss M! said...

I wish I could come and hang out with you guys! This post makes me jealous. You guys are so much fun.

Missy said...

oooohhh look at you two in Lisa's....that looks so fun.