Friday, January 06, 2006

Interviewing Danea By Danea

This interview is partially fictional and the result of being crazy, no that's not it. Too much spare time, no that doesn't sound right either. Creativity, perfect.

On Marriage: “I love everything about being married! Seriously, EVERYTHING. There’s nothing I don’t like. Well, except for dinner. I never remember to plan and many nights I would be happy with cheese and crackers but with a man to feed that just won’t cut it. I have spent way too much time staring into the cupboards. I’m indecisive and have put on weight from eating too many full meals. But otherwise marriage is great, except for dinner, oh and having to clean up after myself, did I mention that already? Other wise it’s great!”

On Ping Pong Balls: “I’m not a fan of ping pong balls. They’re too white, too small and too flimsy. They don’t like me, and I don’t like them.”

What? Who doesn’t like ping pong balls?

“I don‘t, ‘nuff said. Next question.”

On Living With Ra: “Heck that’s old news. My childhood dreams of living the glamorous life of a circus contortionist was squished years ago. I’ve moved on. I live, I deal. Life is pretty good as a scrapper. I just avoid the circus, it’s like a sharp piercing through my heart. But other wise I’m over it.”

On Getting Older: “I’ve been finding lots of gray hairs this past year, a few more wrinkles and dimples where dimples shouldn’t be, but I’m not too worried about it. I don’t have to see me naked. My poor husband though, sigh… he’s a strong, strong man. You gotta give him credit for that.”

On Nuclear Physics: “Ok, if you are not going to take this interview seriously, I’ve got work I need to do. Sheesh, I’m just a simple girl. Nuclear Physics. PUH- LEESE!”

Sorry, that was meant for tomorrows interview, not sure how that got in here.

On Being Called Girly: “Heck ya I am! Proud of it. I love pink, getting dressed up, doing my hair, my makeup, all things girly. But don’t get me wrong I am more than happy to slip into oversized sweats and baseball caps. That’s what you will find me in 70% of the time. Just stay away from my sparkly lip gloss, that’s not even something to joke about. I once took out a gang of 7 that tried to snatch my purse. Oh no, not with my lip gloss in there! I broke 4 arms, 3 legs and two toes. They ran away crying. Four year olds can be such babies. Ok, so that didn’t happen. But it might… if I was pushed.”

On Goals For 2006: “Stardom. Pure and simple. Ya, ya, lose weight, hope for successful hand surgeries and good health, but really, I want stardom. Isn’t that what they say brings true happiness? Stardom… and Money. I’m sure that’s what they say.”

“Are we done?”


doje53 said...

girl you should be on Ellen i am sure you would hit it off just fine. Love you mom. xoxox

Steph said...

oh my goodness, seriously peeing in my pants.

So glad I stumbled upon your blog.

And yes, stardom fixes everything. So I hear :)

karen said...

Have you tried drawing faces on the ping pong balls? Think glasses and a little tuft of fun-fur hair over each of the ears. What's not to like? Hee. Love the interview.

strawberrygirl said...

*Yawn* Can we get some new material please?