Monday, March 27, 2006

Finally Home....Again


It feels soooo good to have gotten a full night sleep and be sitting in my scraproom, reading emails and catching up on everything that has been going on without me...LOL.

I got home from my Canada trip last Sunday night and jumped right in to a busy Monday as my BIL and his new wife Jana were in town and there was some visiting to be done. Tuesday was my first sleep in/lazy day to recoupe from my wonderful visit with my family but it was cut short as late Tues afternoon I was asked by TT if I could fly to Kansas early the next morning to work the convention there. OF COURSE!! But dang if I hadn't JUST unpacked my suitcase...LOL.

So here I am finally home from another great but this time extremely tiring trip. And I am sure that Jeff is pretty happy to have me home for an extended stay. LOL.

I lack the energy to write about the details of either trip and pretty much just wanted to update and let you guys know why I had been so slack in my posting.

All is well, and busy.

Peace out.


mom said...

I miss you sooooo dam much already!!!

Missy said...

Well traveling the world is really no excuse for your poor blog behavior, but I will let you off the hook for now.....hehehe.

I hope this time you are able to catch up on your sleep. Good luck with your assignments.