Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh Canada!

That's right, I'm here! Muwa hahaha!


strawberrygirl said...

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

sandy said...

If you are in Toronto, keep a sharp eye open for "my" guy, Hayden. If you see him, make sure you snap a photo for me! LOL!
Hope you are having a good time!

MOM said...

That was the best surprise in the world. It just went way to fast. I love you so much and it was a blast. It was fun to laugh and hang with you! You are the best daughter in the world. Give that handsome husband a kiss for me for letting you come! I miss you already my sweet girl! MOM xoxoxox

strawberrygirl said...

Are you STLL here?