Thursday, March 09, 2006

Upload, Download, Rightload, Leftload.

Fortunately I am sane. But this has been a trying week in the world of computers. You see I switched web hosts so I could create a bigger and better self promoting website...LOL. Yup, it's all about ME...well sort of. I will be highlighting featured scrappers, have my own forum and will soon have links to the DT's that I am on. So not completely about me, but mostly..hehehe.

Regardless, my patients and frustration levels have been tried many times in the past 7 days. Thankfully I have Asa. Asa? Yes, Asa. The knowledgeable Kentucky boy who I have spent hours on the phone with. No, not through an online dating service, I'm happily married. I met Asa when calling the webhost tech help. He has gone beyond the regular require help. He's set up my forum and help with ftp servers, and much more. Most likely as I continue on the venture, Asa and I will get to know each other better. For example I already know he is engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, but I don't know the date yet. There's a lot we can chat about while waiting for things to upload...LOL. Will I get an invite, probably not but we'll see what the next few weeks bring..LOL.

So as it is today, the basics of are up and running and I hope to have more pages and features added by next week. But don't bother running off to see it just yet, I still have work to do. ;)

In other news, ummm, guess there is no other news. I hope to get creating soon so I'll have something to post. ;)

Oh Creative Imaginations has a GREAT new contest going, click on their site at the side to check it out! They have galleries there now and I have posted much of my CI work there. :)


Ron Southern said...

Gertrude Stein: "Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense."