Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around

I am down to a couple more weeks of wearing splints in hopes of my new joint healing correctly. The surgery went fine to some extent. The new joint is in and seems to be working just as any joint should. Unfortunately the attempt to fix the muscles and ligaments was not so successful. In my joy at this attempt to clean my slate, it never occurred to me that this may be reality. This is a sad truth, a daily reminder of my haunting past. You see, I can still throw my gang sign. Sigh.

I will never fully rid my conscience of the shady life I once lived as the leader and sole member of the hardest scrapbook gang in recent history. I repeatedly tell myself that it's not worth falling back into that lifestyle. But I'll admit to you, my friends, that even I can be weak. I catch myself throwing the sign for no reason. While doing laundry, getting groceries, even admiring it in the mirror. It has taken everything in me not to regress, yet we are creatures of habit, and return to what we know.

I promised myself to stay clean, scrap the best I can and never go back. I WILL STAY STRONG! All I can hope for now is that my story will touch someone and that all of you will learn from my mistakes. Never, never forget, that the past can come back to haunt you.

Ok, so in all seriousness I am a little bummed that I don't have full control over my middle finger. We thought it was the broken joint but apparently we were half wrong. I can lift it a wee bit higher than before but if I want it perfectly flat I have to push it with another finger. The good news is, no more surgery for it. Both the doc and I feel it's not worth it to go in and try and fix the tissues at an attempt to gain more control. Heck I've lived with ill functioning fingers most my life and manage just fine. Why mess with a good thing! LOL.

In other news, I am creating a new website. It will have a forum directly on it and I plan on having some fun things in there. So hopefully that will be up and running soon.

That's all I got for now.


Missy said...

STAY STRONG MY FRIEND. Resist temptation. I have heard horror stories about people who drop out of gangs. The gang usually doesn't like it and they stalk to leaving party and do stuff like key cars in their can get ugly so please be careful.

MOM said...

you are a nut!! How is the video going on your keyer of cars? Maybe Missy has something there. LOL

Miss M! said...

Whateva Dawg... Scrapbook Mafia 4 Lyfe!


strawberrygirl said...

Danea, I love how much you make me smile. I am putting you in charge of developing our future child's sense of humour. It's all up to you girl!

Leah LaMontagne said...

Keep healing up!