Thursday, February 23, 2006

What Are Keys For?

Sigh. Feeling bad at the moment and quite helpless really. Missy was just here, she had to touch up a layout that had just been picked up for publication (Yay, Missy!) and all her scrap stuff is still packed so I gave her access to mine. :) She was here about an hour, then left. Then knocked moments later as she just discovered her car had been keyed. But that wasn't all. You see she just had her car fixed (less than two weeks)from a previous keying. In that case they weren't sure where it happened. It was either here or Target. Well I guess we have the answer. AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGG!! I feel so terrible as it wasn't a cheap fix and since I am almost in tears over it, I can only imagine how she is feeling. But this isn't the end of the story. A few weeks ago we noticed the back of my MIL van had been keyed. All three keying's are deep, not just a surface scratch and they run the width of the car. As both Missy and my MIL pull into our drive with the end sticking over the side walk it doesn't take a genius to know they have all happened here. Unfortunately there is very little parking available in the evening on our street so the end of our drive is often the only spot left to take.

I understand that those walking might be annoyed to have to step off the sidewalk and walk around the car, but does this justify this nasty and expensive act. HELL NO! If you have a problem, it's obvious where the owner is at so come knock and address it. Unfortunately these people are cowards and feel their actions are justified. I'm thinking a boot planted firmly up their a$$ would be justified at this point. Unfortunately I don't have a suspect or a pair of boots that I would be willing to soil in that manner. * Note to self- pick up thrift store boots to have at a moments notice.

I think that Jeff feels I am a bit nutty because I am prepared to sit in the back of his car with a cam, have a car parked in position and get this on tape. Granted I want a walky talky so we can signal each other and him to be able to jump out of the back of our van to nap the purp.

We now know this happens between 6:30 and 8 pm. So next week I'll be sitting vigil and noting anyone walking by at that time. When I see a pattern of people I'll at least have the satisfaction of narrowing it down.

It's so disheartening. Add this to the list of why I can't wait to leave Cali.

Oh and Missy. I'm really, really sorry!


Anonymous said...

that frickin' sucks. Missy, i am sorry.
danea, you need to take the phone with you and call the police and tell them the description and which way they turned off of your street.
but jeff is right, you are a little nutty. =)


Missy said...

Oh sweetie, it's not like you keyed the car. You don't need to apologize.

I am just so pissed that someone would do something so destructive for the fun of it. This scratch is virtually identical to the one he/she left for us last time. It's just so frustrating that punks will commit such random acts of violence without remorse.

After I got home I thought that maybe we should have called to police. However without catching someone in the act there is not much they are going to do. I do agree with Jeff that you are a little nutty...."smile, you're on Candid Danea Cam"

I guess the punk did teach me a lesson....for sure I will not be parking with my car butt in the sidewalk again!!!!!

christina said...

danea i am so sorry that happened to your's and missy's cars. ppl can be so mean. good luck to catching whoever is doing this. again so sorry.

scrapea&happy said...

Having a car keyed is so frustrating because the people are doing it are such cowards. Hi had my car keyed in a parking lot, and the time spent running around getting fixed made me so angry because about a 30 second to a 60 second job made me have days of inconvience!

Miss M! said...

Yeah, you're a lotta nutty, but it's part of your charm. That sucks that people can be so thoughtless and mean, but please, be SAFE if you plan on sneak video-ing them!

MOM said...

People are nuts today. I have to say I in general do not like society (?) today. There is such hatred and self centeredness and rudeness today. What happened to treat people like you want to be treated and help your fellow man.
Jeff and I went to a bullriding competetion the other night and there were few seats left. there was a whole row of seats near the side. I went to sit down and the lady behind said they are saved.It was a sit where you want type of sitting plan. She said they went to the beer garden for a while. We sat there anyway and she screamed at us the whole time. Funny they never came back from the beer garden and the rest of the seats stayed empty on that row and people had to stand up because no seating was left. Since when is it okay to save rows of seats ? Can you imagine drinkers not coming back to there seats where they cant drink? HHHHMM go figure.Not to mention the people who stood in front of the seating and talked on their cells. That is a whole other story though. LOL
I am sorry for Missy and Terry that they got keyed. I hope you do catch the bugg#$s. I would sit there too and video but then like mother like daughter. LOL Love you my baby xoxoxox