Monday, April 03, 2006

Back into the swing of things...

Trying to catch up, and get going. I'll be working on assignments the next couple of weeks and I don't want to drag them out. Plus I want to do extras and try submitting again.

I created three LO's for the contest. Unfortunately I disqualified myself by not double checking the end time as it was EST and not PST. Ugh! So here are my void entries. Maybe I'll get some love from a publisher. 'cept maybe for the Flashdance layout...LOL, but one can hope...hehe.

Journaling is on the pull out tag behind the photo and reads: A couple of months ago a friend from my forum, Donna, sent me these pink leg warmers that she had a neighbour make for me. I had complained about having cold ankles and how I wished leg warmers would come back in style so I could go buy a pair. So they haven't come back in style, but that doesn't stop me from wearing them. Each time I slip these babies on, I am taken back to '83, when they WERE cool and I wanted so bad to be Jennifer Beals. I snicker and bust a few of my best 'Flashdance' moves. I am cool in my own right, me and my alter ego, and we have the moves to prove it!

Take your passion and make it happen! March '06

Ok so this last entry was a scraplift of a TT assignment, not sure if I can post that one but if so, you'll see it soon. ;)

I went and ordered new glasses today. My last pair broke sometime on my recent travels. But I got some cute, almost verging on horned rimmed babies. I am just hoping it will be possible to add some bling to them. You laugh but ya know I'll do it!

Ok off to get some cleaning done. I just wanted to let everyone know I was alive and well.

P.S. For all those who forgot my birthday, Pttttwwwwwwwwww. *wet raspberry*


Jessie said...

crap! and i knew it was your birthday and i was out of town and i thought to myself before i left that i should call you and then i forgot to call you and then i missed it and, well, i deserve the raspberry... :p

christina said...

well shoot, i thought i said happy birthday to you on scrapetite, didn't I? now i have to go check, sorry if i didn't.
great LO's, i really love the flashdance one LOL.

Yer Daddy said...

I didn't forget....I was trying to ignore it!
I guess you'll always be my "April Fool:......

Val said...

Are you KIDDING? Leg warmers are *so* cool. I still wear them proudly. Who cares if they're not in style, we can DO IT, we can bring 'em back!!