Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lingering Online Friend Anxiety

This has been bothering me for weeks now. Not sure if you'll read this but I hope you will. I am surprised at how much I care, since we have only met once in person. But when I called you my friend I meant it. I feel terrible and confused that voicing my opinion on something could have completely pushed you away. Maybe I'm just reading into things but since you no longer post...here, or the board, I can't help but think the worst and be upset by it all. Partially upset that I could have hurt you that much, I am truly sorry, I really did not have you in mind when I voiced my opinions. And I'm partially upset that what I said could make you cut ties so easily.

I have been afraid to write and ask. Never liked confrontation. I just felt the need to voice this, maybe so I am not carrying it around with me. I hope I am wrong, misreading things. Would like to hear from you is all.

For everyone else, no, I will not elaborate, it was just a discussion about society, children and parenting. Nuff said.