Thursday, April 06, 2006


That's the sound of me crackin' my own whip. Doesn't seem to be working on me so maybe I need someone else to crack it! LOL.

I am suddenly loaded with MANY projects that are due by the end of the month so I really need to get crackin'! Been feeling so blah the past two weeks. Low energy etc... it's driving me nuts.

But on to something that makes me laugh, in a twisted, possibly offensive way.

My trip to Kansas was the first time flying America West and apparently different airlines have different cartoon emergency cards. As I was looking it over, and I need to add the Jessie found this quite amusing too, we saw this:

Now if you looked at that and didn't see anything amusing, that is probably a decent and respectful thing. Myself, well I immediately saw this:

I understand the need to show this, I myself need to shed a few pounds, but why does she have to be alone, and frumpy. Come on, a scrunchy in her hair, those went out of style years ago. Sure in the privacy of your own home, maybe. Poor thing. She's over weight, she's alone and out of style. Ah, stick her in the back row were the other passengers won't be bothered by her. Everyone else, happily traveling with family and lovers, but not Helga in the back row. I'm sure she's silently weeping, not because the plane is about to crash but because she's going alone and no one really cares. I care Helga, I care.


Oops gotta go!


MOM said...

you are a nut!! hahahaha
Oh my God I 'm Helga! yikes.

Susan Wright said...

Silly girl. She is pregnant.

Missy said...

Come on Danea, she wont be able to fly again until after the baby comes so she took one last trip to see her parents. She is on her way home to see her loving husband. better be skinny when you get preggers or we are going to make fun of you!!!!

Zee said...

No see, I don't agree with pregnant. It's questionable, Jessie and I discussed the possibility. They could have drawn a more obvious photo, they did not. Besides, you are not supposed to fly in your last trimester and if your arguement is correct then that would be the time. Not to mention she should have a travel companion if she's preggo. I don't buy it.

And lastly Geesh! I was just having fun. Oh and she's a stinkin' drawing! LMBO!!

Val said...

I'm feelin' it too, Danea. Poor Helga. But now I'm wondering if she's sitting alone because she's single ... or if she had to buy both seats?

ROFL, I'm on my way to join you before the firing squad ;)

christina said...

LOL, well i'm kinda torn between prego and frumpy LOL. i could go either way on it i guess. ohh yeah danea we knew you were just having fun. i thought it was hilarious.

Zee said...

OMG!! LMAO Valerie..."had to buy both seats" HA HA! That is sweeet! I wish I had thought of that...heck I can't stop laughing at that one...see it's just so clear, weight over rules prego! hehehe