Saturday, April 08, 2006

Oooo A Contest!

Yes, this may be nit picking but it is one of my annoyances. People who enter scrapbook contests without reading the rules. Sometimes basic and obvious rules. What brought out today's pet peeve reminder is a big sweepstakes where the entries are not being judged but are entered into a draw. The contest clearly states the name of the product line to use as it's also the Sweepstakes name. But if you go to the gallery of entries you see repeated entries that don't have a lick of that product on it.

So I thought to myself, self, how is this not registering with some people? Are they not even noticing "hey, all these entries have the same obvious product on them except for mine. Hmmmm."

So lets say they haven't actually looked at the other entries, they just entered. How do they know that by entering you're not giving away the rights to your first born. Ok, extreme but why do people not read the rules?

Aaaaahhhh rules. Maybe there is something in there that states they clearly need to use the product. So off I went to read the rules. Well they do say you need to use the product, sorta, and this is where my belief of natural selection and not everyone is created equal comes into play. The rules state: Create a scrapbook page by choosing one (1) of the eight (8) "Product Name" themes...and goes on to list them.

For those who are a little slow, they see cute names and think, "Oh I have an "insert theme name here" LO that would work in this category, not realizing that this is actual product names. Now had this company said "Create a scrapbook page using product from one (1) of the eight (8) Studio Basics 101 themes:" there may not be this issue. But do I really think that would have made it more clear for some people. Possibly but my guess is those people never read the rules anyway. And if they were too slow to pick up on the whole purpose of the contest in the first place, then that still might not be specific enough. Remember, this is only a few entries, the vast majority grasped the concept from the get go and are entering as stated.

This brings me to one more thing, this contest allows you to enter daily, as long as it's a new LO each day. COOL! More entries means greater chances and better odds, except some not so bright entrants have uploaded multiples in one day. Multiple entries in one day, cleary stated in the rules, gets you disqualified from the contest. I feel the need to add that some of these people with multiple entries are the same individuals who are entering bogus entries to begin with, which makes it all the funnier, or annoying, or both!

Is this contest really that hard to comprehend?

So I will end this entry with the thought provoking words of Carlos Mencia,

"Dee Dee Dee!"


karen said...

Your detective work is stellar, Nancy! (As in Drew) I love the way you cracked the case of why folks are confused about the necessity of using Studio Basics. That makes total sense about people thinking "Precious" means a descriptor of their layout. Or Rugged. Or Lush. Or Savvy. I myself have several lush layouts. Everyone says so! *snort*

Miss M! said...

ACK! I forgot your birthday!

Happy belated birthday... don't hate me!

luvluvluv, Me