Thursday, April 13, 2006

Conventions, DT's and Attempted Murder...

I had not found the time to post prior to today so I feel that since I have a few moments before getting to work, I should share the Kansas story. As I posted in a previous blog, I was whisked away to Kansas with less than 24 hours notice. It was a great trip and soon after arriving I met Jessie Baldwin. For some scrappers that name may be familiar as she was a 2005 MMM! She goes by the screen name of Speckledbird on various scrapbook forums. I must say she is a very fun gal with a great sense of humor! Within a few minutes of us meeting we were met by Tena in her hot pink driving gloves. Tena is part owner of TT and a real sweet lady, we all hit it off immediately and here's a picture of us in the booth we put up the day before. (Some of you might not know this but I cut all my hair off the week before when I was back home visiting.) Jessie on the left, Tena and Myself.

We worked hard everyday, it's long hours on your feet and by Sat I had passed my limit. That is when Jessie tried to kill me. Obviously she didn't succeed as I am the one typing all this. I'm guessing she saw I was vulnerable, maybe even thought I was weak, but I am slick and it takes more that an 8 foot grid slap to finish me off.

Word traveled quick amongst the DT and it took a couple days for me to respond to their posted concerns. Since I have already written the whole story in an attempt to tell my fellow team members nothing but the truth, I figured it would be easiest to just post that message here. Here's how it went down.

"I apologize for not posting sooner but do to my injuries I was
completely bed ridden yesterday. In fact I should be in bed now but I
strongly felt that the truth should be heard. This meant bearing the
excruciating pain of finding my way to my comp. When I awoke this
morning, again in horrendous pain, I was driven by the knowledge that
Jessie had gotten to you all first. Not being able to walk, I lowered
myself to the floor and inch by inch, dragged my damaged body from the
bedroom to my scrap room. I did so on my stomach as to not add a rug
burn to the gaping wound on my back. I started the journey this
morning at 8am, it is now 4pm. I have not eaten, or rested and it took
me 43 minutes alone to try and hoist my fragile body into my swivel
chair. Dang you, swivel chair!

So now my friends, I will tell you my version of events. Bare with me
for I am weak. Cough... cough...

It all began wonderfully. Both Tena and Jessie were a joy. Pleasant
and fun to be with. But looks can be deceiving and as I reflect back,
I believe this was all part of Jessies plan. Sure she's funny, perky
and full of zest, but is it just an act to lure you in? A part of her
thought out plan to attack when you least expect it. I believe so.

Everything was great until Sat morning. I cut my finger. At the time,
it was innocent enough, but the pieces seem to fall together into
Jessie's diabolical plan to rid me from the team. You see I had
mentioned having a lip liner sharpener in my makeup case. I had no
time to look for it the night before but remembered Sat morning. This
may be speculation, but I believe that at some point during the night,
she removed the protective cap from my razor and placed it back in my
bag at just the right position to produce a blood gushing injury. I'm
sure her initial intent was for me to actually lose a finger but when
this didn't happen she had to resort to plan "B".

We joked and laughed all day as I was totally unexpectant of the evil
nature that lies within this woman. She's good. Too good. The booth
tear down was going quite well. For first timers we were moving at a
fast and steady pace. At the time of the accident I was screwing the
top of the box that holds the TT sign. Because I cannot squat, I was
sitting in a chair and leaning forward. Tena was organizing the tubs
of product and Jessie was scheming and taking down the booth. I had
just stood up and taken a step forward when I heard Jessie ask if she
was being to dangerous with the grid as she piled them up. Then under
her breath she mumbled something along the lines of "it's about to get
more dangerous" Or "Die, Danea, Die." Something like that.

I was leaning over and glanced to my left, it all happened so fast,
this wall of black coming down on me. I screamed for help and tried to
step out of the way, not realizing how quickly I can move, Jessie
grabbed my wrists and forced me back, an evil cackle escaping her
lips. The edge of the grid crashed into my head and slid down my back,
landing on my fragile, left ankle.

When I came to it was all over. Tena didn't see the part where Jessie
pushed me back. All she saw was a "distraught" and "remorseful"
innocent team member. But I know the truth. Am I angry. No. If
anything I am saddened. Why would such a talented and likeable
scrapper do such a thing? The only thing I can think of is with one
less team member, there would be more assignments for her. Oh dear
Jessie, jealousy has reared it's ugly head. Sleep with one eye open my
friend. Sleep with one eye open...


Cough, cough."

So there you have it. My rendition of events. Thankfully I am alive to share this story with you all. Will I ever work another show with Jessie. Oh course, I am not afraid, I'm on guard at all times, fierce and ready for anything! Like a ninja. I my friends, am HOLY #%^&*^%#@ Batman a hair just brushed my cheek and it scared the crap out of me!

*Deep breath*

Ok where was I. Oh never mind.


becky said...

what an interesting story! :) hope you are all okay now!! i had hoped they would have called you to work the TT booth at CKC-St. Louis -- i looked for you, but you weren't there :(

cari said...

I read with horror your account of the attempted murder. I long suspected that "scrappers" had a darkside. There are rumours here in Canada that American "scrappers" are connected to the Mafia and organized crime. I didn't want to believe it - but the evidence is pretty overwhelming.
I'm glad you have (mostly) recovered, but please promise me you will not be persuaded to join their evil ways. Stay true to your intergrity. Stand tall as a "scrapper" who choses to say "No! I won't resort to violence!". Rebel against the institution! Hold your head high! Be proud to be a "scrapper" who is set apart! Never quit, never give in!!