Friday, April 28, 2006

Sun Shiney Day

Today is a beautiful day. For fellow Californians you all know how dreary and rainy the past month has been. Well for 3 days straight we have been having beautiful weather! While saving a photo of my latest project I happened upon this LO and thought it was the perfect expression of color as to how I am feeling today.

I did this layout for last years MMM contest. It wasn't a winner but it still makes me smile. I wish I could share some of the things I have been working on the past month but they are all top secret, or at least we aren't supposed to reveal any new products until after the trade show. :( Regardless, I will be able to share soon enough.

On another note, I was flipping through some Dusten pictures as they seem to be in demand and came across this cute side by side with a skull shot. He says it's a coyote skull.

I was going to post an emotion shot, as we did take many "Faces of Dusten" pictures,but those will have to wait. This picture reminded me of a funny story...

About two weeks before my trip home I had a bizarre dream about a fellow DT member Erika, I dreamt my brother came over and said I have something to show you. It was a small white skull. I kid you not. In my dream I was sooo excited and could not wait to alter and decoupage that baby. Ok, yes that is sick and delusional but it was a dream. Anyway, I called Erika with this cool find and she freaked out on me. Turns out in my dream, not in real life, she was vegan and against the death of any animal. Even though it was a found skull. She was horrified at me wanting to alter it! LOL.

Flash back to reality and me arriving at my brothers house. Just before bed, he says "Oh, hey, I have something to show you." Yup you guessed it, he brings out this little white skull. Now how creepy is that? I instantly flashed back to my dream and told him all about it. Seriously, who dreams about altering a skull that her brother gives to her, and how often does a brother really come out of his room with a skull in hand?? Needless to say, he never actually gave me the skull. He wasn't keen on the idea of covering it with pink floral paper and polka dot ribbon. I think it would soften the look, but I guess I'll have to find my own skull.


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Leave it to you to alter a skull! Too funny!