Monday, May 01, 2006


It's Dusten's Birthday!

There's nothing better then a "Surprise" expression. One would think that this picture was just that, taken at that special moment, that split second of joy and excitement. But my friends you would be mistaken. Hard to believe I know, but this is just another of Dusten's many talents. With no formal acting training he can pull out many emotions at the drop off a hat! I would call out an emotion and he would instantly show it to me. I have many pictures of "The Faces Of Dusten" as I like to call them. Someday I will do a documentary of sorts. I would like to formally interview him. Get inside his head, learn how he does it. Maybe he will grace us with a comment, an insight to his raw talent. But for now I can only hope he has a great day and that he and Tara can celebrate without the prying eyes and screaming hysteria of his fans. Ya I said fans with an "s". Heck, it's his birthday, lets give him that one little thing.

Happy Birthday Man!


Miss M! said...

LOL... cute photo. I guess I can be a fan, since he shares your genes.

Your comment on my blog "cracked" me up. Heck yeah I like Carlos Mencia! Dee dee dee!

Anonymous said...

Your brother is hotter than two rats making love in a wool sock!