Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

So much to do, so little time! I just finished up a big project that I hope to get in the mail today. It's been a lot of work that I have really enjoyed doing. I am only disappointed that I cannot share it. In time, in time. But I am working and not just swinging in a hammock sipping Pina Coloda's all day. Mmmmm that would be nice!

In other news, I leave tomorrow to head up to Susanne's to teach a TT class this weekend for National Scrapbook Day. I'll be teaching both Fri and Sat so it should be a lot of fun. Oh and on Thursday Susanne is treating me to a spa day for my birthday...hehehe. I am so excited about a relaxing day of pampering. I just wish it was here already. I am so wound up with things that are on my "To Do" list that have to be finished before I leave tomorrow!

With that said I have to get back to work.


Miss M! said...

Maybe you need to come teach a TT class in AZ? Hmm? The weather is REALLY nice this time of year!

I like your squiggles!

Anonymous said...

awesome pics girly.

thank you so much for coming to teach. i loved having you here....even though i ruined most of it by being sick.

my customers loved the class. you are a great teacher.

ok, done kissing your ass. LOL