Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm Off!

About to shower, finish packing and head to the airport. I'm excited to see Susanne and about teaching this weekend. Ok, so the whole Spa birthday gift tomorrow is a big draw too..LOL. I am meeting with Bev, the owner of TT on Friday morning. We have never met in person so I am excited about that too. Looks like it will be a busy and fun trip.

I hope everyone enjoys National Scrapbook Day even though it's not a federal holiday...Yet, LOL.

Before I go, I thought I would give a little heads up to those of you who use or are considering using the self Spray tanners. See, I'm a Nuetrogena fan, been using that tinted foam of theirs for a couple years now with out problems. So when I saw they came out with a spray this year I was all over it! Unfortunately it's not all over me. I thought it was but apparently, there's a bit near my ankle, side of my calf, a little bit more on part of my thigh and down my left shin...Aaaaa! I look like a bottle of fake tan exploded on me..hehehe. The spray is clear, when you just mist yourself it does nothing, so I put on a thicker coat, which wasn't going on even from what I could see, which is hard as it's clear. That's when I decided to defy the bottle and actually rub it around in a feeble attempt to make sure it went on even. Sigh, nope. So all I can do now is pray, or keep adding more in hopes to even it out. The latter of my options will probably work best. Regardless, it's back to the foam for me, at least you can see where it goes on and where you need more. Only once did I mess up when trying to do my back last year and discovered 4 little finger prints the next day. Both seem to stay put and not rub off on your clothes(coppertone endless summer was a horrible experience) and the foam bottle...if you do see some uneven spots, regular body lotion will help smooth it out. ;)

Ok, I hope my review will save some poor soul from being another self tan accident statistic.

Have a great week everyone!


torm said...

oooh! Have fun with Bev!! And the spa....

Miss M! said...

I'm so jealous you're going to go see Susanne!

Missy said...

Tell Susanne I said Hi!!! Have a great trip.

Laura said...

Danea, thanks so much for the TT class today! The page project was something I really needed to "see" so that I could step outside my little comfort zone and play with bright and colorful papers again. You were a doll, and did a really great job so I wanted to let you know, you were appreciated!

Laura C.
(sat all the way to your left - front row.)

strawberrygirl said...

Danea, your daddy can't view your blog for some reason.....can't believe you would block your own dad!!!!! Cold girl you are! LOL