Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fondue What? Fondue This!


Have you ever had fondue? I have, and am not a fan of the oil fondue, but cheese and chocolate, bring it on! Jeff however has never had fondue and when friends started calling with restaurant recommendation and The Melting Pot came up, he was less then enthused at the idea. He's not the adventurous type, I however was instantly intrigued.

"They actually have fondue restaurants?" I asked excitedly.

It's been years since I've had it and even then it was casual at a friends place. So with a little persuading and knowing we could still dress-up, a must for celebrating an anniversary(ok, this is my opinion and may not be shared by my husband), we made the reservations, adding a little gift to ourselves consisting of chocolates, balloons and rose petal's on the table. Heck why not, it's our third year and three's my favorite #. Seemed like a good enough excuse to blow $17.00...LOL.

Once we arrived, we were escorted to a private dining table, nestled at the end of a small hall. It was quaint, candle lit and completely out of view of the other patrons. Perfect! As expected there were balloons held in place with a bag of white chocolates, and rose petal's on the table.

We were pleasantly surprised with the sweet greeting card that was also placed on the table.

Our server, Jorge was very friendly and helpful in explaining what to do, and I decided to start the evening off with a Raspberry Martini. Mmmmmmmm. And for $9.00 you better believe I made this baby last all night...LOL. Ya, call me cheap but I cannot justify paying so much for alcohol when I know how much a bottle costs. However we were celebrating so I went all out...with one drink, can that be considered all out?

I continued to snap pics while waiting for the server to return with broth samples. Fondue sticks wrapped in napkins with the pot in the background.

We decided to order the "Big Night Out" dinner, yup that's what it's called. It's a four course meal starting with cheese fondue and Caesar salad. This is Jorge mixing the cheese fondue for us. Oh was it good!!

Then we were served the main dish, lobster, chicken, Cajun shrimp, pork ravioli and filet mignon. There were also veggies and potatoes. It was deliscious, but we realized soon after preparing the cooking style(veggie broth with garlic and Burgundy wine), that he actually prepared the wrong one for us, however it was still fantastic!

By this time I was stuffed, and Jeff amazingly polished off almost every last piece of meat and I knew what was coming next so I just sat back, relaxed and let some of dinner settle. As it was, I would not be able to live with myself had I not had room for the Bailey's and milk chocolate fondue dessert!

This was soooo good! Seriously I think everything tastes better when dipped in chocolate!

So there ya have it, two love birds celebrating 3 wonderful years of marriage by enjoying a romantic 2 1/2 hour meal and spending entirely waaaaay too much money! I would recommend this place to anyone but it was not a cheap evening out. For the experience, photo ops and memories, it is soooo very worth it!

Aaaw aint we cute. LOL.

P.S. Forgot to add that this was the first time I tried using my camera in low light with no flash, except for the last pictures cuz the light shadowing was not pretty. Thanks Jessie for inspiring and explaining it to me! LOL.


cheryl mezzetti said...

This is making me hungry.

Love the pictures - happy anniversary.

MomB said...

Looks like a very romantic evening. Glad you were adventurous and went for the experience. Great pictures.

Devon said...

That place is soo good!! We got a gift card for the wedding and went, and my first thought was "We have to tell Jeff & Danea!!" I'm glad that you had a good time and enjoyed yourselves.

Miss M! said...

Fondue ROCKS!!! I am glad you got to go out. Love the pics!

cari said...

I'm coming to california just for the fondue!!!
(...well, I might stop in and see you too, if there's time)

Heather said...

I LOVE the Melting Pot! It is a personal fav!! I'm glad you had a lovely experience. My man took me there last week (the Nashville branch that is) to celebrate. :) Milk chocolate with amaretto is our favorite dessert. Yum... now, I am hungry!!

Angela said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

you know what i am going to me that last pic!!

dana (my other dana) told me we have one in portland...or maybe it was you ("my" danea)