Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just For Me

I finally did something just for me. It's small and it was quick but a "ME" project was well over do.

I came across this little goody at Big Lots, wishing now that I had picked up more than one as it was only a buck. I sanded the wooden base, painted it pink, stamped the design and then waited. I waited to make sure the ink was dry. But guess what, when I applied the diamond glaze over coat I discovered that it takes more than 15 minutes for the black VersaMagic to dry. Sigh. It smeared the black. (Tip: Heat set with embossing gun to make SURE it's dry.)I don't care too much as I had distressed the edges with black but I was not about to redo the whole thing again. So it is what it is. Being that I don't have many layouts on display and they are sometimes out of my hands for months or years, I printed up some favorites at 2.5x2.5 inches and now I have a monogram holder. Teehee!

Layouts look so cute when they are itty bitty.

So now my friends I have to actually do some work. Grumble grumble...LOL Seriously, I can't complain when "work" is creating...LOL.

Goal: To complete and share a minimum of 2 "ME" projects each month!


Adrienne said...


melissa said...

I love it, its too cute!!

Miss M! said...

OMG... and you didn't make ME one? You know it's all about me, right? Even on YOUR blog. I love that. I'm extremely jealous. ME ME ME, ha ha ha!


ME! :)

becky said...

very very cool!!

Missy said...

Ooooohhh I love what you did with that Zee. The little layouts do look very cute....what size are they? (hehehe).

After you left I spent the next 45 minutes buying jewels. Then went back to work more on that page, but when I printed the picture it came out all dark and yucky. Something is funky with my printer. So I quite for the night and will get back to it tonight.

cheryl mezzetti said...

Adorable Miss Danea!