Monday, June 26, 2006

Lots to say...

But I'll try to keep it brief. Key word "TRY".

Thur & Fri I volunteered at CKU-A San Jose. I got to meet some great people and TA for Tim Holts. I had met Tim before when we both taught at the Mall Of America. He's such a great guy but unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me that day...sigh. But I did have it on Thursday when I got to meet some fellow Peas for dinner. I spent most of my free time with Renee and Nelly, we did dinner and got to know each was alot of fun! I met Renee the first time I ever taught, in Portland. She has a twin sister Gina who is a member of my forum, such great girls and I imagine that we could have a lot of fun together..hehe.

Here's my pathetic din dinner group shot, needed a flash, oh well, hopefully one of the girls will send me a better copy. Gina is at the bottom left and Nelly is beside her.

So I found out some info... apparently CK has told all teachers/manufacturers etc... that they are NOT to give TA's a class kits or product of any kind. I was shocked to hear this. Most TA's work their butts off and if the teacher wants to give them a "thank you" they could be repramanded. Instead CK gives the volunteers a thank you gift bag. It's the thought that counts but the majority of the stuff was over 3 years old. This whole "do not give them anything" rule seemed quite odd. As a teacher who has been blessed with a few amazing TA's not only did I give them class kits but at times I would also give them free product. Granted this is at CKC's and the rules may be different for CKU's?

So Tim aksed "Why would anyone volunteer then?" Personally I did it because I am local and know the value of a good TA. Would I ever do it again..maybe, but I cannot help but feel that TA's are taken for granted (by CK, not teachers). Volunteers are required to commit for the WHOLE day and in the end get a bag of goodies that they most likely owned 4 years ago...LOL. However rules are sometimes broken. *wink* Now I did learn a few things in Tim's class so that made it more than worth it. But just a heads up for future TA's.

Lastly, I got the best little package on Sat it was addressed to : The Very Most Honourable Mrs. Danea Wanea Zeebootee Wease-Burleson...LOL In it was a couple white sharpies and this darling little book card. I love it! Thank you soooo much Sara!! I blurred the writing in case it was too personal but I still wanted to share it. :)

Isn't it cute!

Well I really need to get to work but first I want to send a shout out to my first stalker...LOL. It was great meeting you! Hope you enjoyed CKU! ;)


Anonymous said...

OK, that TA crap is just that....CRAP!! In the first place the instructor ought to be able to compensate however they want within limits. Secondly, the goodie bags that CK gives at conventions and CKUs are pathetic. Totally old stuff. The last CKU I attended we left them on the table. hint,hint to any CK employees that may be reading. I personally think the TA "goodie bag" should be put together by the company whose class it is. If it's a CI class then the goodie bag should be from them.

Anyway, I hope you had a good time at CKU. Glad you are "home".


Anonymous said...

oh yea, forgot to say: i wonder if there is a thread about this on 2p's. if not there should be!


Missy said...

WOW that is a really cool card.

Miss M! said...

What should CK care if the companies give the TA's a little something for their time? I'm jealous you got to TA for Tim Holtz. I bet he's cooler to TA for than that CI geek I TA'd for last year in Oregon. I think she was like, Canadian or something...


Anyway, I am glad you received and liked my package. Maybe I'll be "discovered" on your blog, ha ha!

Catherine Bodine said...

Hi Danea, It was so great meeting you at CKU. I had fun sitting next to you at the dinner. I love putting a really person to the names I see on 2P's.

I think CK is trying to make it equitable for all TA's because I heard that sometimes they would get nothing from the class or CK but they should just insist that the TA's get the class kit plus a CK gift bag. They aren't going to get TA's in the future if they keep up what they're doing.